The Diplomat | Release date: Netflix series with Keri Russell

The Diplomat Release date Netflix series with Keri Russell

Debora Cahn (Homeland) is the creator of this political thriller where we will see an ambassador facing an international crisis and perhaps a marriage After some time has elapsed since the streaming giant shelved ‘House Of Cards’, with a whole controversy involved and a regular final season, we have a new series of political suspense … Read more

All the Marvel movies and series that arrive in 2023: MCU release schedule at the start of Phase 5

1674163143 All the Marvel movies and series that arrive in 2023

The dominance of Hollywood by Marvel’s in recent years is indisputable. Nevertheless, phase 4 of his superhero universe did not generate as much enthusiasm as the previous three, so I’m sure the studio is looking forward to changing that with Phase 5. which starts in 2023 with the launch of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’. … Read more

The new seasons of ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘The Afterparty’ and ‘Schmigadoon!’ They already have a release date: this is the Apple TV + series calendar for the coming months

1674137162 The new seasons of Ted Lasso The Afterparty and Schmigadoon

As part of the TCA press tour, on this occasion it was AppleTV+ the eIn charge of anticipating the next series that we will see on the platform. And beware that among the upcoming news are the returns of great comedies such as the highly acclaimed ‘ted lasso‘, ‘Schmigadoon!‘ either ‘The Afterparty‘, among others, of … Read more

“Rebel Moon”, the new Zack Snyder movie, has new images and a release date

1674133858 Rebel Moon the new Zack Snyder movie has new images

The story takes place in a peaceful place on the border of a distant galaxy. The former colony will have to face a threat from the tyrannical Balisarius. The residents send a young biker named Kora to join the battle. (Netflix) Netflix released the advances of some of the productions that it will premiere during … Read more

The latest Sailor Moon Cosmos movies release date — Kudasai

The latest Sailor Moon Cosmos movies release date — Kudasai

On the official site for the new film project Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmoswhich will adapt the last story arc of the manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon), a new promotional video for the project was revealed. The video confirms that the film project will consist of two parts that will be … Read more

Dragon Ball Super – Release date and time of the second chapter of the new saga of the series

1673917577 Dragon Ball Super Release date and time of the

series of Dragon Ball Super continues to reap success in its wake. A few days ago we told you that the new arch of Akira Toriyama Y toyotaro it had opened with some beastly numbersranking first in Plus Sleeve in Spanish. Almost nothing! Given such a premiere, fans are looking forward to reading the second … Read more

Willow season 2: release date, cast, synopsis and more

1673577187 Willow season 2 release date cast synopsis and more

We have the ending of ‘Willow’ explained But, rest assured, fans of magic and crazy adventures in impossible lands, this has only been the beginning. Lucasfilm’s work for Disney+ will continue in a new installment of episodes and, for those who need to know more about the future adventures in enchanted worlds, we review everything … Read more

The mystery of the release date of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ on Disney +: why the James Cameron film should take much longer to arrive on streaming

1673555580 The mystery of the release date of Avatar The Sense

The streaming boom It has brought with it that the windows from when a movie hits theaters until it can be seen at home have been significantly shortened. I have no doubt that this has had a notable impact on the box office performance of many titles, but in the case of ‘Avatar: The Sense … Read more