Red One: first image of Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in their Christmas movie

Red One first image of Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans come together to fight Christmas in RedOnethe new Amazon film from Jake Kasdan, director of the new Jumanji. Dwayne Johnson, Hollywood’s Best Sandwich Man, collaborates once again with director Jake Kasdan. After Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: Next Levelthe two accomplices meet for RedOnethe Christmas film commissioned by … Read more

Oda clarifies if Uta from One Piece Film Red is canon

Oda clarifies if Uta from One Piece Film Red is

The answer…will surprise you… Uta made her debut in the movie One Piece Film Red, one of the most successful of the oda franchise and, according to Eiichiro Oda himself, is an official character within the canon of the work. This is somewhat atypical for the series and raises several questions regarding Monkey D. Luffy’s … Read more

Who is Billie Eilish’s boyfriend?: This has been their first appearance together on the red carpet

Who is Billie Eilishs boyfriend This has been their first

The rumors were there. They had been seen walking hand in hand around Los Angeles and having a romantic dinner at Lal Mirch, but it wasn’t until ‘Halloween’ weekend that they confirmed their relationship via Instagram. Billie Eilish is in love and the lucky one is Jesse Rutherford, American singer and actor. The first thing … Read more

Where is “One Piece Film: Red” located in the Luffy Saga

Where is One Piece Film Red located in the Luffy

On July 22, thousands of fans exclusively watched “One Piece Film: Red” via Nippon Budokan and weeks later it would hit theaters in Japan, causing a great sensation for the impressive story based on the Luffy’s story. But it would not be until November 3 that the Toei Animation tape would arrive in Latin America … Read more

Matrix: Keanu Reeves gave his own meaning to the red pill

Definitely the trilogy Matrixwas the saga that turned Keanu Reeves into one of the great Hollywood celebrities and one of the most beloved actors in the entertainment industry. This science fiction film about the meaning of life was so successful that in 2021 its fourth and final part arrived, so far. Everyone will remember that … Read more

Matrix: what the red pill means for Keanu Reeves

What does the name Keanu Reeves mean

Curiosities The protagonist of the saga created by the Wachowski sisters spoke of the symbolism of the popular science fiction film. By Federico Carestia 11/04/2022 – 19:20 UTC 11/04/2022 – 19:20 UTC © IMDbMatrix, from 1999. In 1999, Keanu Reeves starred in one of the best movies in the history of science fiction. Matrix it … Read more

Ryan Gosling is melting hearts in a red sports jacket and ripped jeans on the set of The Fall Guy

The actor Ryan Gosling He was seen sporting a red sports jacket and ripped jeans while on the set of his new movie. The 41-year-old was seen while filming the latest addition to his always impressive filmography in sydneyAustralia over the weekend. Since becoming a household name as a result of his lead role in … Read more

It’s a great thriller and hardly anyone saw it in theaters: a fast-paced film from the director of the long-awaited ‘Red Queen’ arrives on Amazon Prime Video

Its a great thriller with one of Jessica Chastains best

There are not a few films that go unnoticed in theaters. Some later find a second life and others quickly fall into oblivion. Let’s hope it’s the first thing that happens now with ’70 Binladens’since this stupendous thriller directed by Koldo Serra just arrived in the catalog Amazon Prime Video. Why is it worth rescuing? … Read more

Red One: the Amazon film with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans expands its (big) cast

Red One the Amazon film with Dwayne Johnson and Chris

The Christmas film commissioned by Amazon Prime Video with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, RedOnepays for a very interesting new headliner. If the next Jumanji still lingers in Hollywood drawers, Dwayne Johnson, or the worst of Hollywoodwill still come back in front of the filmmaker’s camera Jake Kasdan for another commissioned project for the Amazon … Read more

The presale for One Piece: Red has already started

The presale for One Piece Red has already started

The premiere will be next November 3, 2022… One Piece: Red presale already started on October 13, 2022 for the premiere of the film on November 3, at least for Mexico and some Latin American countries through Cinépolis and other theaters that have the distribution license for the new adventures of Luffy and company. After … Read more