“My ex left me without tickets for Bad Bunny”: young man recounts how he missed the reggaeton concert

My ex left me without tickets for Bad Bunny young

Photo: TikTok video capture via @iklea/Getty Images On October 13, Bad Bunny’s first concert was held at the National Stadium in Peru, so many of his fans were able to enjoy his show, except for the young influencer @iklea who that day discovered that someone else had used his tickets. “My ex left me without … Read more

“Sinaloa, beautiful land of brave and loyal men”: this is how the narcocorrido sounds that recounts the death of “El Cochiloco”

Sinaloa beautiful land of brave and loyal men this is

The character of “El Cochiloco” became popular thanks to the performance of Joaquín Cosío in the movie “El Infierno” (Photo: Instagram / @joaquincosiooficial) “El Cochiloco” has remained in trend in social networks after Joaquin Cosioactor who played the popular character in the Mexican film Hellwill star a peculiar discussion about political issues with the writer … Read more

Taylor recounts the audition nightmare he lived with Eddie Redmayne for Les Miserables

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

UNITED KINGDOM.- Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne met on The Graham Norton Show. During her performance, Taylor talked about her audition for Les Miserables, where she also met Eddie. The anecdote of the meeting is much less romantic than rumors would have you think, in fact, the singer described it as a nightmare. In the … Read more

Taylor Swift Recounts ‘Nightmare’ Audition With Eddie Redmayne for ‘Les Miserables’ E! News UK

Taylor Swift Recounts Nightmare Audition With Eddie Redmayne for Les

Taylor Swift recounted her “nightmare” audition for “Les Miserables” in an interview published Friday by “The Graham Norton Show.” The “Anti-Hero” singer detailed her experience with actor Eddie Redmayne a decade ago during a screen test for the 2012 film adaptation of the Broadway classic. The ‘The Good Nurse’ actor was also the star guest … Read more

Naomi Watts recounts how she experienced perimenopause at 36 while trying to get pregnant

Naomi Watts recounts how she experienced perimenopause at 36 while

michael bucknerGetty Images It is not the first time that at 54 years Naomi Watts opens up or talks about menopause. In fact, the social networks of the American actress burned when, without mincing words, (as it should be) I talk about this stage so stigmatized in which, sooner or later, all women are going … Read more

Anna Faris recounts the very inappropriate gesture of a famous director – CinéSéries

Anna Faris recounts the very inappropriate gesture of a famous

Star of the saga, “Scary Movie” parody and of the “Mom” series, Anna Faris reached peak popularity between 2000 and 2010. A popularity that did not, however, protect her from more than inappropriate behavior . She has indeed recently revealed the identity of a well-known filmmaker who touched her during a shoot in 2005. The … Read more

Verónica Castro recounts that Julio Iglesias kissed her by force and touched her without her consent

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

MEXICO – The Mexican actress Verónica Castro confessed that the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias touched her improperly and even kissed her by force, for which she defended herself and hit him. The well-known actress spoke about these episodes during an interview with Pati Chapoy for a television program on Tv Azteca, in which she reported … Read more

Greg Laurie Recounts Alice Cooper’s Incredible Transformation From Drugs To Jesus

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Ralph Arvesen Pastor Greg Laurie is captivated by the testimony of legendary musician Alice Cooper, noting how Cooper’s journey of transformation was “hands down” the most compelling he encountered while writing his latest book on the intersection of faith and rock ‘n’ roll. roll. “Alice, at one point, was the No. 1 … Read more

Britney Spears recounts on YouTube the abuse she suffered during her guardianship

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Britney Spearsthat last November he won the legal battle that put an end to 13 years of guardianship over his person and his assetshas been honest about that stage, admitting she was scared and felt like it was nothing. Instead of selling your story to some magazine or offering a high-profile interview with personalities like … Read more

My Life with Ava Gardner: The Star’s Confidant Recounts Forty Years of Romance, Drinking, and Movies

My Life with Ava Gardner The Stars Confidant Recounts Forty

MADRID.-During his nearly half-century career, Ava Gardner (Grabtown, North Carolina, 1922-London, 1990) loved, fought, cried and laughed, suffered, enjoyed and, obviously, acted. She was a star, she fought against ties and norms, she did what she could against the bad scripts that, by contract with the studios, she had to shoot, and she even fled … Read more