New spontaneous Daniela in “Big Brother”, which did not have a nomination gala: the reasons

New spontaneous Daniela in Big Brother which did not have

Daniela Celis is unstoppable in big brother argentina. After the departure of Thiago Medina his partner during the duration of his stay in the most famous house on television, the contestant known as vengeance either blink it he made the spontaneous nomination again. Not only that: this Wednesday, in the absence of a nomination gala … Read more

Is it for that long? 3 Reasons Why The New ‘Velma’ Animated Series Caused Controversy

1673647078 Is it for that long 3 Reasons Why The New

We live in a time full of nostalgia where the big entertainment companies are bringing back some of the series and movies that were part of our childhood/adolescence. Although yes, instead of offering the same, there are those who prefer to give their stories and characters a spin to offer something more to the viewers. … Read more

The reasons why Gael García Bernal decided to refuse to work with Matt Damon on “Bourne”

The reasons why Gael Garcia Bernal decided to refuse to scaled

File photo dated September 17, 2019, of the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, during a press conference in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/Mario Guzman For more than a decade, Gael Garcia Bernal’se has managed to position himself as one of the most versatile actors on the national scene after his successful film career in Mexico and … Read more

Sylvester Stallone hates superhero movies… and these are his reasons

Sylvester Stallone hates superhero movies and these are his reasons

The New York actor insisted on how the old action movies gave much more importance to the performance of the actors. “Great action movies are like buying a ‘vintage’ watch. originally cost $35 and now $35,000. Why? Because it is handmade. It was not ostentatious. It wasn’t supernatural. It was something that only a human … Read more

The reasons why ‘Mar de Copas’ no longer sings its iconic rock song, ‘Ramera’

The reasons why Mar de Copas no longer sings its

The reason why the Peruvian band ‘Mar de Copas’ will no longer sing their iconic song. TikTok|OrozcoOfficial. The leader of the Peruvian rock band ‘Sea of ​​Cups’ He made a drastic decision and no longer sings one of his most classic songs in his presentations. Wicho Garciawho is the main voice gave an interview to … Read more

Fito Páez canceled his show at the Movistar Arena: the reasons

Fito Paez canceled his show at the Movistar Arena the

Fito Páez during the concert series for the 30 years of Love After Love (Credit: Gustavo Gavotti) Fito Paez is celebrating 30 years of his emblematic album The love after Love with concerts around the world. After taking his tour of America and Spain, the man from Rosario had scheduled the last two recitals of … Read more

Belascoarán: 3 reasons to watch the new Mexican Netflix series

Belascoaran 3 reasons to watch the new Mexican Netflix series

Belascoaran is a series of Netflix based on the fictional detective created by Paco Ignacio Taibo II. Each episode is inspired by a different novel of the saga published by the Mexican writer, where a peculiar investigator from Chilango must solve some of the mysteries and cruel criminal acts that plague the then Federal District … Read more

‘The Godfather’ and the reasons why it has not aged 50 years after its premiere

The Godfather and the reasons why it has not aged

A UPC publication analyzes the success and longevity of the classic gangster film. Much has been said and written about ‘The Godfather’ and even so there are still reasons to continue analyzing the film that remains alive in the popular imagination. This has been demonstrated by ‘Ask for it with respect’, a publication by the … Read more