The surprising reason why Emma Watson left everyone speechless at a dinner

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British actress, model and activist, Emma Watson, was recently invited to the Kering Foundation’s Caring For Women dinner at The Pool, located on Park Avenue, New York, where she surprised everyone wearing a delicate white suit. By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office October 01, 2022 08:14 a.m. “I wanted it to be elegant, classy, ​​as a … Read more

The reason why Nicolas Cage did not charge anything for the film in which he won an Oscar

american actor Nicolas Cage It does not get along at all well with the Oscar Awards. Most of the time he was nominated he ended up losing and when he won he didn’t get paid what he was due. Cage won an Oscar for his brilliant performance in Leaving Las Vegas (nineteen ninety five). However, … Read more

The reason why Steven Spielberg does not want to work with Tom Cruise again

steven spielberg is probably one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema. Secondly, Tom Cruise He is one of the most important and coveted actors in the industry. And the truth is that both knew how to take advantage of their reputations and that is how they joined forces to give life to … Read more

Tim Burton was not sincere in ‘The Anthill’: Tom Cruise was about to star in ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ and this is the surprising reason why he did not

Tim Burton was not sincere in The Anthill Tom Cruise

the filmmaker Tim Burton passed by last night ‘The Anthill’ to promote the exhibition ‘Tim Burton the labyrinth’ that will open in Madrid this coming Friday, September 29. During his time on the Antena 3 program he commented on various things, but something that caught my attention was that he directly burst out laughing when … Read more

The reason why Sienna Miller broke down in tears when she filmed this scene with Ben Affleck

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Many film critics say that Ben Affleck is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but they also confirm that he is one of the most conflictive actors, and this is because the protagonist of “Gone Girl” has a very strong personality. The fact that Ben Affleck be considered a person of character … Read more

The reason why Sienna Miller came out crying after filming a romantic scene with Ben Affleck

If there is an actress with a lot of versatility, it is Sienna Millerwho has participated in a large number of films and television series such as Alfie, G.I. Joe, american sniper, Anatomy of a Scandal, among many other titles. And the same could be said of Ben Affleckwho has worked as an actor and … Read more

Netflix in trouble: they would sue Narcosantos for this reason

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Netflix narcosantos is an unrivaled hit on Netflix, but is now facing possible lawsuit. Know why. By Noelia Rios 09/20/2022 – 22:02 UTC 09/20/2022 – 22:02 UTC © Netflixnarcosantos Netflix It has a large number of productions that quickly become a success. Among them is narcosantos, which arrived at the streaming giant on September 9 … Read more

Elvis Presley: The real reason he never performed for Queen Elizabeth

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The King of Rock and Roll was asked to entertain the queen, but their meeting never came to fruition. What was the real reason why Elvis Presley never performed for queen elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth had hundreds of audiences with celebrities The late Queen of England met hundreds of celebrities at movie premieres, royal performances, and … Read more

They apologize to the parents of girls and boys who saw Frozen for this particular reason

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In 2013 Disney presented one of his most important animated films of recent times, Frozen. The story was a complete success and ensured continuity with one more sequel, which, although it had the same impact as the first, achieved significant success. Frozen tells us the story of Annaa brave young woman who sets out with … Read more

Marvel Studios does not have villains for this reason

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Actor Winston Duke, who plays M’Baku in the Black Panther movies, reveals why Marvel Studios doesn’t have villains. Winston Duke debuted in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe with the movie Black Panther (2018), then repeated in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). But it will also be in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) … Read more