The rats that ‘dance’ by Lady Gaga

The rats that dance by Lady Gaga

Humans are eminently musical primates because we can anticipate. We are able to predict the blows, beats and turns of a song, in what we understand as rhythm. That is where the mathematics behind all music was born and which dictates what ‘sounds good’ or has a certain communicative intention. From there to dancing there … Read more

Rats also “dance” to Lady Gaga

Rats also dance to Lady Gaga

Posted15 November 2022, 14:21 Study: Rats also “dance” to Lady Gaga Like humans, rats beat time to pieces of music played between 120 and 140 beats per minute. For the study, rats listened to Mozart, Lady Gaga, Queen or Michael Jackson. iStock Humans aren’t the only ones who beat time when they listen to music: … Read more

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats like Lady Gaga’s music

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats

Anyone can enjoy the music of Lady Gaga. Precisely one of the keys to his success was his Little Monsters [Monstruitos]as she called her followers, who at first considered themselves different, something that the artist herself promoted. Those who might not fall into that category were the rats. Literally the rats, not rat-kids or anything … Read more

Academy against rats: virtual training to eliminate annoying rodents

Academy against rats virtual training to eliminate annoying rodents scaled

Although rats have existed in New York since the 1700s, when they arrived on ships from Europe, in recent years they have become more than a problem: a threat to the health of New Yorkers, due to their rapid spread. To stop this spread, the city has created “Academies for rats” which are actually “Academies … Read more