El nuevo Duende Verde de Marvel es lo más parecido al de las películas de Spider-Man de Sam Raimi

El nuevo Duende Verde de Marvel es lo mas parecido

El Universo Ultimate presenta a un nuevo Duende Verde que recuerda al de las películas clásicas de Tobey Maguire. El Duende Verde es el archienemigo de Spider-Man Únete a la conversación El Universo Ultimate ha vuelto a las páginas de Marvel, pero no es exactamente el que llegó durante los 2000. Jonathan Hickman, quien fue … Read more

The most controversial feature of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man did not occur to Sam Raimi: the culprit was James Cameron

It is the canonical event of every kid who lived through the 2000s. spider-man by Tobey Maguire was the first to come to the big screen and the adaptation of the wall-crawler was a colossal milestone for the world of cartoons. He in charge of directing the production was Sam Raimithe director who delighted us … Read more

‘Evil Dead: The Awakening’: Where to see the films of the saga created by Sam Raimi?

Evil Dead The Awakening Where to see the films of

Taking advantage of the premiere of the new film of the acclaimed horror franchise created by Sam Raimi, we share with you which platforms you can review the four films prior to ‘Evil Dead: Awakening’. On April 15, 1981, the world of horror movies changed forever with the release of The Evil Dead. The low-budget … Read more