“Smile”, the new horror movie that is all the rage around the world

Smile the new horror movie that is all the rage

After witnessing a strange and traumatic incident with a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter begins to experience terrifying events that she can’t explain. (Paramount Pictures) There is no more common genre than horror movies. Even those of us who love him resign ourselves to a mountain of movies without identity that pass without pain or glory … Read more

The drama movie that is all the rage and is one of the most viewed on Netflix

Some weeks ago Netflix launched new series and movies that promised to position themselves at the top of the platform’s ranking. “A Jazzman’s Blues” premiered on September 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival and only on the 23rd did the streaming giant add it to its catalog. Today it is positioned as one of … Read more

C. Tangana, Franz Ferdinand and Suede replace Rage Against The Machine at Andalucia Big Festival

millonarios del mundo cuanto ganan las 20 personas mas ricas

Since the bad news that Rage Against The Machine had to cancel all the concerts they were going to give in Europe This fall, due to the injury suffered by Zach De la Rocha, singer of the group, during a concert in Chicago, the whole world has been expectant. The group was going to give … Read more

The Netflix movie that was all the rage, stars Richard Gere and lasts two hours

The Netflix movie that was all the rage stars Richard.webp

The renowned actor has a large number of successes. However, on Netflix there is one that was forgotten and it is a must. I know what it is. Netflix does not stop releasing productions that quickly become all the rage on the streaming platform, although it also often happens … Read more

The film that combines romance and drama lasts 107 minutes and is all the rage on Netflix

Netflix it’s a box of surprises, and every time we open the platform on one of our devices, we don’t know what we’re going to find. In fact, many times we are not even prepared for some of its surprises. However, an interesting and captivating love and drama movie that is gradually taking center stage … Read more

The millionaire figure that Rage Against the Machine has raised with their concerts: the cause with which they will collaborate

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Rage Against The Machine He has raised a million dollars in his last concerts. It is not surprising because they have quite a few songs that have become a hit like “Darkness” either “How I Could Just Kill a Man”. The destination of the money raised will go earmarked for charitable purposes. (Via blabbermouth) The … Read more

This is the serious injury of Zack de la Rocha that has caused the cancellation of the Rage Against the Machine concerts in Europe – MariskalRock.com

This is the serious injury of Zack de la Rocha

August 16, 2022 10:39 a.m. published by Drafting – Photo: Antonio Martin. the news of the cancellation of Rage Against The Machine’s European tour for medical reasons It felt like a jug of cold water to thousands of followers, especially those who thought to go to the Madrilenian in our country Mad Cool Sunset of … Read more

Rage Against The Machine prepares for its arrival in Spain with 5 concerts at Madison Square Garden

Rage Against The Machine prepares for its arrival in Spain

Many people say that summer is a time of year when the days fly by and when you want to open your eyes it’s already September going back to work. Well, at RockFM we have mixed feelings because Rage Against The Machine have two dates in our country and we are more than anxious to … Read more

Netflix: the explosive new apocalyptic action thriller that is all the rage on the platform

Netflix He continues to bet on the South Korean wave to generate hits on his platform, and his most recent project has just premiered on the streaming service. After the global success of “the squid game“, the company continued to invest in original creations from the Asian country, and so far it has not been … Read more

Who is Elena Rivera, the protagonist of Alba, the series that is all the rage on Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown criticized Stranger Things and the creators responded

Netflix Alba arrived on Netflix just a few days ago and is already part of the most watched in the world, but here we will focus on her protagonist: Who is Elena Rivera? By Enzo Wheel 07/26/2022 – 01:16 UTC 07/26/2022 – 01:16 UTC © GettyWho is Elena Rivera, the protagonist of Alba, the series … Read more