The unusual question of Vicky Xipolitakis that surprised Diego Brancatelli

The latest edition of PH, we can talk He promised strong crosses between his guests. The cycle that drives Andy Kusnetzoff through the screen of Telefe gathered Roberto Garcia Moritan Y Diego Brancatelli, who lost no opportunity to bring out their differences during the night. but also added Vicky Xipolitakis with its characteristic seal. It … Read more

Vicky Xipolitakis’s question about politics that unsettled Diego Brancatelli

Vicky Xipolitakiss question about politics that unsettled Diego Brancatelli

By having a significant number of guests, each broadcast of PH: We can talk, the current affairs cycle led by Andy Kusnetzoff in the prime time of Telefe’s Saturdays, he is assured of various exchanges between figures who come from very different worlds. This was precisely what happened in the last program when Vicky Xipolitakis … Read more

Did Taylor Hawkins die of an overdose? Foo Fighters Question Toxicology Tests

On March 25, 2022, in the middle of the Estéreo Picnic Festival, in Bogotá, Foo Fighters fans received bad news. Moments before the musical band will perform its ‘show’, drummer Taylor Hawkins had died at the Four Seasons hotel, where he was staying The hotel employees asked for medical help, which arrived at the scene … Read more

Dolly Parton: “Now nobody dares to question me”

Dolly Parton Now nobody dares to question me

Beneath Tennessee’s most statuesque cardigan lies one of the music industry’s best-equipped and most talented brains. He already warned Dumb Blonde (1967), her first big hit: “Just ’cause I’m a blonde / don’t think I’m dumb / ’cause this dumb blonde ain’t no one’s idiot.” “At first they didn’t take me seriously because of my … Read more

Ángel Martín answers the million dollar question: “I said no”

Angel Martin answers the million dollar question I said no

As if it were a phoenix, Angel Martin (44) can boast of living a sweet moment professionally. Their ‘Morning briefing to save time’ It has become a true phenomenon in social networks. And it is that, in the small pills that he shares in little more than two minutes, slip some other very successful reflection … Read more

Felipe Fort bothered Rocío Marengo with a live question

Felipe Fort bothered Rocio Marengo with a live question

Philip Fort exposed to Dew Marengo with a live question. In a recent interview that the media gave for the Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares program, Richard Fort’s son he annoyed his aunt with a question that she decided not to answer. Since he came of age, Ricardo Fort’s son decided to appear more often … Read more

Mel Gibson interview interrupted after question about Will Smith and Chris Rock

Mel Gibson interview interrupted after question about Will Smith and

Mel Gibson’s interview ended awkwardly after he was asked a question about Will Smith. The actor and director was talking about his new movie, Father Stuwhen the conversation turned to the incident in which Smith slapped Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars ceremony last Sunday, March 27. Fox News host Jesse Watters commented, “You probably … Read more

With the premiere of the second season of Bridgerton, the question arises: how many seasons are left?

With the premiere of the second season of Bridgerton the

Bridgertonthe acclaimed period drama Netflix, returned after an expected not prolonged but with a pandemic in the middle. The new season of the series is responsible for giving life to the arch of Anthony, the oldest of the Bridgertons. Now that this new season is available, fans are getting restless because they want to know … Read more

Marlee Matlin answers question about William Hurt’s death in awkward interview

Marlee Matlin answers question about William Hurts death in awkward

Marlee Matlin was asked to speak out about the death of ex-boyfriend William Hurt, whom she once accused of physical and sexual abuse, in an awkward red carpet interview. Matlin, 56, and Hurt, who died on Sunday (March 13) at the age of 71, were a couple in the 1980s and met on the set … Read more

The most uncomfortable question of a director to Penelope Cruz: ‘He asked me if he ate me…’

The most uncomfortable question of a director to Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez have visited this monday ‘the anthill‘ To present ‘Official Competition’the new film directed by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn which opens on next friday february 25 in theaters. The three performers have starred in a relaxed interview with Paul Motorcycles in which cinema has been discussed, but various … Read more