Paco León gets lost on the yellow brick road in his Iberian and ‘queer’ Wizard of Oz

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

One of the most powerful ideas of RainbowPaco León’s film inspired by The Wizard of Oz, It is that of Dora, its protagonist, crossing a yellow field from La Mancha, so similar in its 360 degrees of horizon to that of the American Midwest, defying its generational loneliness like a multicolored Quixote. It is that … Read more

‘The People’s Joker’: this is the “illegal and queer” parody of the DC character that Warner does not want you to see

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The Toronto Film Festival has just given us a big surprise with ‘The People’s Joker’because it has decided to remove this parody of the character from DC after a legal claim by Warner. Obviously, this controversial decision has not gone unnoticed and now there is a question of to what extent it can lead to … Read more

“You can be trans and toxic at the same time”: the new ‘Queer as Folk’ arrives unapologetically, more diverse and fluid than ever

You can be trans and toxic at the same time.webp

One of the meanings of the term gay defines something exultant, lively, luminous. That the word began to be used as a pejorative adjective for the homosexual community was linked to the idea that someone with what was considered a defective sexuality had no right to show happiness or be expressive. The homosexual had to … Read more

Why ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Is Marvel’s Most Queer and Diverse Movie

Why Thor Love and Thunder Is Marvels Most Queer and

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth, protagonists of “Thor: Love and Thunder” (Marvel Studios) After the controversy caused by the Lightyear kiss, no one expected that Disney would return so soon to the battle to include LGBT+ diversity in its content. And while the Baymax series (the spin off of one of the most beloved characters … Read more

Tessa Thompson on Valkyrie in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: “She is a queer character and will be queen, not king, of Asgard”

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Tessa Thompsonactress who gives life to Valkyrie in “Thor: Love and Thunder”told details of his character, but delved into why he receives the title of “King of New Asgard” and not queen. The actress said that she will assume this title because it is a sign that women can have the roles of men. “At … Read more

He is a queer icon who has worked with Björk and Philip Glass. Now, he has just created the music for the most romantic series of the year

He is a queer icon who has worked with Bjork

Nico Muhly, composer of the exquisite music for the “Pachinko” series, based on the best-selling book of the same name (Apple TV press) In “Pachiko”, by Min Jin Leeuna, one of the most acclaimed novels of recent years in the United States, several generations of a Korean family are torn between tradition and modernity, the … Read more

‘Cobra Kai’ and ‘Queer Eye’ await you to say goodbye to the year on Netflix

Cobra Kai and Queer Eye await you to say goodbye

The most anticipated karate tournament and one of the reality shows more individuals come together in the package that Netflix prepared for the last day of the year. With a view to a marathon for the new year, the platform will premiere the fourth season of the nostalgia series Cobra Kai, as well as the … Read more