What are Queen’s live secrets? The band reveals it in a series that you can already see

What are Queens live secrets The band reveals it in

The first episode includes a new and exclusive interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor in which they reveal the secrets of their trials. The series will be played throughout the year, with 50 weekly episodes where we can enjoy iconic performances, which reaffirm the theory that their concerts are the best. “They call it … Read more

Queen’s revolution in Iran: It was the first band to break 25 years of rock censorship

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

It was a surprise. After 25 years of criminalizing and banning Western music, persecuting and punishing those caught listening to it, some of those songs deemed ‘depraved’ received the official seal of approval from the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was in October 2004, when Queen went down in history and became the first rock … Read more

For Chess Fans: The Unmissable Movie You Must See Alongside Queen’s Gambit

Chess is one of the most complete disciplines and allows you to put into practice mental skills at their best, with patience and planning included. Therefore, any television or film production that has to do with this integral discipline will already have an added value. And that is what happened -and still happens- with “Queen’s … Read more

Queens: why did Jennifer Lopez experience a big questioning after the film? – CineSeries

Queens why did Jennifer Lopez experience a big questioning after

“Queens” recounts the scam set up by several strippers led by Jennifer Lopez. A drama for which the actress and producer has invested a lot, and following which she has gone through a big period of doubt. Queens : strippers take over Wall Street Third feature film by Lorene Scafaria after Until the end of … Read more

Mike Myers Says He’s ‘Gutted’ And ‘So Sad’ Over Queen’s Death – Nifey

Mike Myers Says Hes Gutted And So Sad Over Queens

Mike Myers has revealed he is “drained” over the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian-born actor, whose parents were both English, still looked slightly shocked by the monarch’s passing on the red carpet for his latest film, ‘Amsterdam’, at Alice Tully Hall on Sunday night. “I’m still gutted, to be honest,” he told Page … Read more

Letizia’s music: these are the Queen’s favorite groups

Letizias music these are the Queens favorite groups

Queen Letizia’s love of music is well known. On several occasions, the kings have been caught incognito among the public at rock concerts, classical music, pop… Together with her husband, the queen has enjoyed the live of Alejandro Sanz or of G-menamong others, and He was recently with his daughters, the princesses Leonor and Sofiaat … Read more

The moment when the BBC interrupted its programming to report on the queen’s delicate state of health

The moment when the BBC interrupted its programming to report

BBC statement on the Queen The doctors who treated Queen Elizabeth II showed themselves “worried” this Thursday due to his state of health and they had recommended that he remain under medical supervision. This announcement was made known through the British chain BBC based in London. the media interrupted its regular television broadcast to read … Read more

Union of music queens: Beyoncé launches new version of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’

Union of music queens Beyonce launches new version of Madonnas

Beyoncé has returned stronger than ever to the music industry, just a couple of days ago he presented his new album “Renaissance”, where the famous pays homage to disco music, and also defends his African-American origins and queer rights. But this Saturday his music has repositioned itself among the main trends of social networks, after … Read more

Queen’s performance quality keeps the band current

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

The story behind the legendary British group What in it has thousands of anecdotes that collaborated to create its legend; from immortal music, iconic presentations around the world and the strength of its members. Many musicians have tried to replicate what he achieved What in since the 1970s, but very few have come close. However, … Read more