The Serpent Queen: the series that explores the truth behind the myths about the controversial figure of Catherine de Medici

The Serpent Queen the series that explores the truth behind

The Serpent Queenthe new historical miniseries from StarzPlay -a tradition that has already become the brand of the platform-, explores the life and reign of one of the most controversial monarchs of the French Renaissance: Catherine de’ Medici. Nicknamed “The Serpent Queen”, she was one of the most powerful women of the Valois dynasty, in … Read more

Elvis Presley: The real reason he never performed for Queen Elizabeth

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

The King of Rock and Roll was asked to entertain the queen, but their meeting never came to fruition. What was the real reason why Elvis Presley never performed for queen elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth had hundreds of audiences with celebrities The late Queen of England met hundreds of celebrities at movie premieres, royal performances, and … Read more

Queen Camilla, distant cousin of… Céline Dion, Madonna and Beyoncé!

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The genealogy of Camilla Parker-Bowles, a well-born British aristocrat, is extensive and known. But the moment she became Queen consort, the ancestor tree of King Charles III’s wife became even more interesting for genealogists!, one of the leading online companies working on family ancestry and DNA testing, has 18.5 billion digitized historical records from … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II saw the series ‘The Crown’ and did it in a particular way

Queen Elizabeth II saw the series The Crown and did

Since its premiere in 2016, The Crown became one of the favorite series for Netflix subscribers. There have been many representations of Queen Elizabeth II – who died on September 8, but this series was one of the most viewed and commented on. The question of whether Queen Elizabeth II saw the series at some … Read more

Helen Mirren and her humility with Queen Elizabeth II led her to the Oscar

Helen Mirren and her humility with Queen Elizabeth II led

Since 2006, some sixteen years before the death of the Queen isabel II On September 8, there is a film that has been burned into the memory of cinephiles as a cinematographic reference of the monarch. And not so much because of the story but because of the interpretation that she humanized her figure through … Read more

That time Queen Elizabeth II missed a Paul McCartney concert because of ‘Twin Peaks’

That time Queen Elizabeth II missed a Paul McCartney concert

Given the recent death of Isabel IIthere are many celebrities who are taking advantage to remember anecdotes about the queen of England. The queen was a recognized lover of corgis, horses, ABBA, the Arsenal and, it seems, that she also he was fascinated by the iconic David Lynch series.

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From “The Queen” to “The Crown”, these five productions brought the life of Queen Elizabeth II to film and television

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5 unmissable series and films about Isabel II and Carlos III 1:05 (CNN Spanish) — The legacy of Queen Elizabeth II will not only go down in the history books of the world. his remarkable life He conquered producers and directors, who took his story to film and television. The monarch, who died at the … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne, Yoko Ono, Elton John, Helen Mirren and other celebrities mourn Queen Elizabeth II

Ozzy Osbourne Yoko Ono Elton John Helen Mirren and other

The Queen isabel II, the longest reigning British monarch, He died Thursday at the age of 96. And all over the world, mourners express their condolences and render tribute to the legacy of the late sovereign. Here some of the musicians, actors and other celebrities who mourn the death of the queen. Helen MirrenBritish actress … Read more

‘End of journey’: Queen Latifah, Netflix’s new courageous mother

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

Since we all like to see a little action from time to time, Netflix It usually provides premieres of this genre on a regular basis, in such a way that, every so often, one of its bets becomes the most watched on the platform. That is the goal of his latest release, end of journey, … Read more

The day the singer of The Cure predicted the date of death of Queen Elizabeth II

The day the singer of The Cure predicted the date

The Queen isabel II passed away on September 8 at the Scottish castle of Balmoral at 96 years old, after seven decades on the throne. The news shocked thousands of people, including different figures from the artistic world, and recalled the prediction made ten years ago by the singer of The Cure, robert smithon the … Read more