“Mismatched” puts Neil Patrick Harris in the difficult moment of starting over

Mismatched puts Neil Patrick Harris in the difficult moment of

Neil Patrick Harris in “Uncoupled”, the new Netflix series A middle-aged protagonist’s expectations of growing old in comfort and style, with his wealthy and handsome partner in a luxurious Manhattan apartment, are dashed when the partner abruptly leaves. Dazed and devastated, the childless protagonist turns to a couple of old friends for support, as well … Read more

Andrés García sends a new message to Roberto Palazuelos and puts his properties up for sale

Andres Garcia continues to fuel controversy against Robert Palazuelos, Despite the fact that the ‘Black Diamond’ revealed that he did not accept his challenge of a fight and that he would not continue giving statements about the case, the first actor again asked him to accept that he threatened to leave him on the street. … Read more

To sleep or not with the children, Alicia Silverstone puts co-sleeping on the table, one of the dilemmas of current parenting

To sleep or not with the children Alicia Silverstone puts

Alicia Silverstone has been harshly criticized for co-sleeping with her 11-year-old son. (Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images) Alicia Silverstone is one of those celebrities who knows very well what it’s like to be seriously criticized. Because of her appearance, because of her figure, because of the way she dresses, … Read more

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor: Love & Thunder in a bind that only Christian Bale can fix

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor Love Thunder in

The god of thunder Marvel returns to theaters this summer ready to surprise us again with Thor: Love & Thundera film that is again directed by Taika Waititiwhich brings back the Jane Foster of Natalie Portman and that incorporates new faces to the Disney superheroic universe such as Christian balewho comes to the franchise to … Read more

Karlovy Vary Festival: Liev Schreiber puts the spotlight on Ukraine

Fifteen years ago, Liev Schreiber produced an adaptation of the best-selling novel Tout est illuminé in the Czech Republic. He was drawn to the subject in part because of his maternal grandfather, who was of Ukrainian Jewish descent. Since the Russian invasion, Mr. Schreiber has worked to support the country with the organization BlueCheck Ukraine. … Read more

Laura Bozzo puts together her own show at La Casa de los Famosos and talks about reaching the top

Laura Bozzo puts together her own show at La Casa

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT The departure of Osvaldo Ríos generates joy and sadness in the inhabitants of La Casa de los Famosos 01:37 Niurka Marcos arrives on the defensive at the Casa de los Famosos gala and lashes out at everyone 02:27 … Read more

More than 3 million viewers: why Jagger’s fight against Bustamante puts traditional television to shame

More than 3 million viewers why Jaggers fight against Bustamante

Between boxing, cultural contests, ‘first dates’ and the future ‘grand prix’the truth is that the self-proclaimed “new entertainment” looks a lot like the old entertainment. But it is undeniable that it works in a younger segment of the population: proof of this is the 2.4 million viewers on average what has he had Ibai in … Read more

Elvis puts himself on top of the North American box office in his premiere

Elvis puts himself on top of the North American

Photo: Instagram @elvismovie biographical film ElvisBaz Luhrmann’s , swept to the top spot at the North American box office in its opening weekend, grossing an estimated $30.5 million in a rare tie with Top Gun: Maverick. This was reported on Sunday by the industry monitoring firm Exhibitor Relations. The nearly three-hour grand staging by director … Read more

Chronicle: The OhMyGol! puts other festivals offside with its celebration of music and sport

Chronicle The OhMyGol puts other festivals offside with its celebration

Combining art and sport is always synonymous with success, and the first edition of the festival OhMyGoal! is good proof of that. The RCDE stadium brought together more than 23,000 people eager for good music, and they got it thanks to a poster that fulfilled the expectations that it has been generating since its announcement. … Read more

Paola Nuñez puts the Mexican touch to the new version of Resident Evil on Netflix

Paola Nunez puts the Mexican touch to the new version

Over the years we have seen several different versions and recreations of resident Evil. East 2022the story that began on the consoles of video game, comes to the small screen to give us a new version in a format that had not been explored by the franchise: the television series. It is clear that we … Read more