‘I put my hands to the fire for her’: Laura Bozzo on the Galilea Montijo scandal – La Vibra

1638725989 I put my hands to the fire for her Laura

The tv presenter Laura Bozzo has decided to come to the defense of Galilea Montijo, who has been linked to the drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva, alias ‘El Barbas’ in the book ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’, by journalist Anabel Hernández. “Please, if there is a person for whom I put my … Read more

Meow !: All the actresses who have put a face to Catwoman

1638213631 Meow All the actresses who have put a face

In addition, the sexual tension with Adam West’s Batman printed a good handful of unusual and complex nuances. At a time when women were little less than adornment, subordinate and always inferior to the male protagonist, Newmar printed a character to his character that did not accept any of that. Lee Meriweather – Batman the … Read more

Can the Omicron variant put off Spider-Man: No Way Home? | Spaghetti Code

1638092616 Can the Omicron variant put off Spider Man No Way Home

The era of COVID-19 is not over yet, and the Omicron mutation has bitterly reminded us of that. In the distance there is already a new version of the 2020 coronavirus and everyone in the world has been alert. Does this mean that we better forget about Spider-Man: No Way Home? In quick words, there … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s love put to the test in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tom Holland and Zendayas love put to the test in

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Posted on November 25, 2021, 10:31 AM All Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spider-Man: No Way Home. With a month away from the event, Marvel Studios released a new TV spot for the upcoming Marvel movie. Now fans can see a heartbreaking moment between the characters of … Read more

“Let’s dream, let’s not put any limitations.” ‘Dune’ Production Designer Explains Tricks That Made Denis Villeneuve’s Vision Possible Without Green Screen Abuse

Lets dream lets not put any limitations Dune Production Designer

More than two months have passed since the expected ‘Dune’ by Denis Villeneuve reached our cinemas, and there are still many of us who continue to hallucinate with his overwhelming audiovisual treatment and his impeccable sense of the spectacle. In fact, it is no coincidence that a reference of the stature of Christopher Nolan has praised, among other things, an integration of practical and visual effects at the forefront of the medium.

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“Who put real bullets in there?”: Gunsmith from Baldwin’s movie talks about possible sabotage

The woman in charge of the weapons from the movie ‘Rust’, Hannah Gutiérrez Reed, said in a known statement Wednesday night that he had inspected the prop revolver that Baldwin fired but that ignore how a real bullet ended up inside the gun. “Who put them there and why is the central question”Gutiérrez Reed said … Read more

The creator of “Squid Game” has not become a millionaire after the success of his series: “I have enough to put food on the table”

The creator of Squid Game has not become a millionaire

Netflix reported that “The Squid Game” has become its “biggest television show,” with 142 million household members around the world watching it in its first four weeks. Photo: ADEK BERRY / Getty Images “Squid Game” O ‘The squid game’ in Spanish, it has become the streaming giant Netflix’s biggest hit to date, that has made … Read more

How To Put Music In PowerPoint – Find Out Here!

How To Put Music In PowerPoint Find Out Here

PowerPoint is one of the most used programs to make presentations to a certain audience. Through the slide show, the program offers the possibility of illustrating text, images and even videos. But it also allows a function unknown to many users: insert music on one or more slides in different audio formats, mp3 being the … Read more

Duna: Denis Villeneuve doesn’t like post-credit scenes and will never put one in his movies | Tomatazos

Duna Denis Villeneuve doesnt like post credit scenes and will never

Danube – 75% It is out in theaters now and the team behind the film are completely delighted with the prospect of the weekend. Denis Villeneuve, a filmmaker behind other great films of the past decade, speaks for NME about his vision as a director and reveals that post-credits scenes are not something that he … Read more