Corona Capital 2022: Puppy breaks its owner’s ticket for the festival

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The Crown Capital 2022 is one of the most anticipated music festivals this year, because it will have the presence of several international artists, so the sale of tickets, which was a few months ago, was complicated, since not all managed to reach it, causing the tickets to become something very valuable, beyond their monetary … Read more

Ángela Aguilar’s puppy got into her dress in the middle of the concert, causing her an embarrassing moment

Angela Aguilars puppy got into her dress in the middle

“Gordo” conquered the hearts of his fans. Angela Aguilar has become one of the most important regional Mexican promises in recent years, so everything around her is usually of great interest to the music-loving public, even when it is a rushed but tender moment like the one who lived with his puppy. During a recent … Read more

Happy National Puppy Day: Lady Gaga with her French Bulldogs and other stars with their adorable dogs – Up News Info News in France and abroad

Happy National Puppy Day Lady Gaga with her French Bulldogs

To celebrate National Puppy Day, we’re rounding up all the cutest photos of famous pet owners like Lady Gaga, Emily Ratajkowski and more with their adorable dogs. While the world seems more divided than ever, there’s (usually) one thing we all agree on: dogs are very nice. And what better day to celebrate them, since … Read more

“I’d rather go to prison before he dies”: a young man ‘steals’ his neighbor’s pitbull puppy to rescue him from the abuse he suffered

Id rather go to prison before he dies a young

Published: 4 Jul 2021 10:14 GMT Fortunately, the puppy is receiving veterinary treatment and is already recovering in his new home from some ailments that afflict him. Concerned about the deplorable state of an American pitbull puppy due to the mistreatment he suffered, Gastón Sosa, a 25-year-old Argentine resident of Garupá, in the state of … Read more

Miami: the stolen puppy appears, but it was not Lenier’s

1623928315 Miami the stolen puppy appears but it was not Leniers

The video of the robbery at a Miami clinic went viral. América Noticias spoke with Lenier’s family about the robbery The panda puppy, whose theft caught on camera on Miami It quickly became viral and generated the outrage of hundreds of thousands of people, it is already with its owners, the family of Cuban reggaeton … Read more