‘The Peripheral’ proves that Prime Video is not just Tolkien in an excellent and disturbing adult science fiction series

The Peripheral proves that Prime Video is not just Tolkien

Prime Video may not be up to Netflix or Disney + in terms of number of users (and whose exact number we will never know, because Amazon reports the number of subscribers to the Prime service, not the number of users of the platform), but it is indisputable who is trying. And it is not … Read more

The moving Netflix movie that proves that only few people are worth it

Netflix constantly add new content to its platform, new series arrive every month and films. Some go unnoticed but others quickly position themselves in the most watched of the streaming service. This was the case for the moving movie which we are going to talk about this time: In good and bad. Is movie perhaps … Read more

Cardi B proves that her daughter Kulture is Lady Gaga’s number 1 fan

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Daughter Cardi B is developing her own taste in music. In a video posted on the “WAP” singer’s Instagram stories a few days ago, Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari appears to ask her mom to play a specific songto which Cardi, 29, replies “The Ra Ra song? How’s the Ra Ra song going?” It will … Read more

With ‘Amber Brown’, Bonnie Hunt proves that she is a Hollywood triple threat – Noufelle EN

With Amber Brown Bonnie Hunt proves that she is a

Bonnie Hunt attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images “It’s a big problem that [Amber Brown’s] parents are divorcing, and seeing him through the eyes of a child, his pain is so real. » Bonnie Hunt is one of those hidden talents in … Read more

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Proves Why “Arthouse” Superhero Movies Are Doomed in Today’s Marvel

Thor Love and Thunder Proves Why Arthouse Superhero Movies Are

It would be convenient to start this brief reflection with a warning that will not surprise anyone who has seen a number of Marvel movies greater than zero: it is very complicated to talk about authorship in the films of any current franchise. Although there are obviously creators with a more obvious recognizable stamp than … Read more

James Bond: Henry Cavill proves that he is the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig in 007

James Bond Henry Cavill proves that he is the perfect

The debates around the replacement for Daniel Craig for the role of james bond are going well. Currently, four actors are vying for the role. Whether Henry Cavill is obviously the darling of the fans, he always said he would refuse. But yet the latter has just confused the tracks with the fans … james … Read more

Elsa Pataky in ‘Interceptor’ Proves She and Chris Hemsworth Are the Ultimate Action Hero Couple – CNET – ApparelGeek

In his first fight scene in Interceptor, the new action movie that started streaming on Netflix today, Elsa Pataky stabs a man in the eye with a gun. She doesn’t shoot him in the eye with a gun—she stabs him. It’s just one of Pataky’s many badass moments in this movie that cements his status … Read more

Elsa Pataky proves herself in the action of the new Netflix movie, Interceptor

Elsa Patakythe actress known for having been the agent ellen in the saga of Fast and furious, back in action from the hand of Netflix with the tape Interceptor. Netflix knows that its action titles are always welcomed by the public, it has even managed to break audience records with ribbons like The Old Guard … Read more

Operation Mincemeat Review: This Wartime Adventure Proves Colin Firth Is Cinema’s Most Reliable Everyday Hero – Home

Operation Mincemeat Review This Wartime Adventure Proves Colin Firth Is

ads It was one of the biggest deception attempts of World War II. In 1943, British intelligence officers tried to fool Hitler by allowing a dead body to wash up on the coast of Spain. The body was apparently that of a drowned British officer, carrying top-secret plans revealing (falsely) that the Allies intended to … Read more