The new Mark Wahlberg project that promises a lot

After “Uncharted” Y “Father Stu”, Mark Wahlberg confirms a new project in partnership between Apple Original Films and Skydance Media and with Simon Cellan Jones in the director’s chair. The director and the actor will meet again on the screen after the adventure film “Arthur the King“, in this action comedy written by David Coggeshall. … Read more

“My Life as a Rolling Stone”: the documentary that promises the most intimate look at the legendary rock band

My Life as a Rolling Stone the documentary that promises

charlie watts elegantly focused on his drumsticks, bass drums and snare drums; Keith Richards reaching epiphany while he plays the guitar; Ron Wood happily tearing his soul apart with his own ropes; Mick Jagger setting the stage on fire with each one of his steps, in that infinite dance that he holds as a ritual … Read more

Alejandra Guzmán promises to return to her roots in Las Vegas residence

Alejandra Guzman promises to return to her roots in Las scaled

This week, Alejandra Guzmán offered a virtual press conference to announce the presentation of three concerts of hers at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will take place on November 16, 18 and 19 and will mark the debut of her “Tuya Tour” of the United States. “Right now, I feel like I’ve … Read more

This is FLO, the girlband that promises to revolutionize the music scene with the sounds of Destiny’s Child

Take note of these names: Reneé Downer, Stella Quaresma and Jorja Douglas. Why? Very simply, they are part of the new girlband that promises to become one of the most important of the 2020s. After the separation of Fifth Harmony and of LittleMix, we began to yearn for that female empowerment that women’s groups bring … Read more

A lot of gore and blood in this new Netflix series that promises to take your sleep away this summer

A lot of gore and blood in this new

Share If you’re looking to add a title to your list of upcoming series, you can’t miss this one. We are not always going to talk to you about Netflix and what surrounds its way of understanding streaming. We also like to show you the best recommendations so you have a choice when you have … Read more

Gen V: this will be the spin-off of The Boys that promises a new dose of blood, guts and superheroes

Gen V this will be the spin off of The Boys

Share Prime Video wants to continue squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs and the first trailer couldn’t be more interesting. The comic book adaptations renowned are usually one of the big tricks with which they play from the offices of the most relevant production companies. However, facing the challenge of integrating into the … Read more

Isabelle Huppert in British haute couture comedy A Dress for Mrs Harris promises to be hilarious and dramatic

Cyrano in a musical with Peter Dinklage big mess or

The British film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will be released in France under the title Une robe pour Mrs Harris on November 2, 2022, with Lesley Manville in the leading role and above all Isabelle Huppert in that of a guardian of the Dior house temple, passive-aggressive and hilarious . French cinema is used … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown and the Russo brothers will be together in a Netflix film that promises to be a tank

Millie Bobby Brown and the Russo brothers will be together scaled

Millie Bobby Brown has a new project on her hands. (REUTERS/Monica Almeida) They are three heavyweights in the industry. The actress who gave life to Eleven in stranger things, Millie Bobby Brownnow joins a project that the brothers have in hand Russiandirectors of great films and blockbusters of the Avengers saga such as infinity war … Read more

“Everything everywhere at the same time”: a wild movie that promises to blow your mind

The incredible cast of Everything everywhere at the same time

A Chinese immigrant, in the middle of an IRS investigation, finds herself involved in a wild adventure in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes. (A24) The new movie of the self-proclaimed as the daniels, Everything everywhere at the same time (Everything Everywhere All at Once), is causing a giant furor … Read more

Kevin Costner wants to revolutionize cinema with a mix of epic western, Marvel and television: it promises to be the perfect movie for fans of ‘Yellowstone’

Yellowstone season 5 of the series with Kevin Costner already

Kevin Costner will start shooting this year ‘Horizon’his first feature film as a director since 2003, the year of the premiere of ‘open-range’. Furthermore, the protagonist of ‘Yellowstone’ is determined to revolutionize the world of cinema with this epic westernbut the most curious thing is that for this he is going to use a strategy … Read more