Add and continue: Batista has a new film project

Add and continue Batista has a new film project

There are nine different projects that Batista has as an actor in different phases at the moment: ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special’ (post-production), ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’ (post-production), ‘Knock on the door’ (post-production), ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3’ (post-production), ‘Dune: Part Two’ (shooting), ‘Groove Tails’ (shooting), ‘In the Lost Lands’ … Read more

Marvel: Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo want to bring the Avengers together for this ambitious project

Marvel Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo want to bring the

Thor: Love and Thunder came out ago more than two months in theatersthe opportunity to find the god of thunder, but especially Jane Foster in Mighty Thor. It seemed plausible that this was the last adventure of the son of Odin, but Chris Hemsworth does not seem ready to let go of his Asgardian costume. … Read more

‘Blade’ director Bassam Tariq leaves Marvel project

Blade director Bassam Tariq leaves Marvel project

Trouble on the horizon for Marvel Studios. The restart of Blade has found itself without a director, since its director, Bassam Tarikhas decided Leave the project. Tariq, tired of the film’s constant production changes and scheduling adjustments, is said to have decided to leave the film behind. Blade, as confirmed in the comic-conwill be released … Read more

Jaime Camil moved away from imitation for his new project with Netflix

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Jaime Camil he is now an expert in the way Vicente Fernández speaks and thinks. To prepare for his role in the series El Rey, Vicente Fernández, available on Netflix, the Mexican actor claims to have seen “98%” of all the interviews available on the internet of the late Mexican regional music singer. “The family … Read more

In photos: how is the project with which Demi Moore returns to acting and where Olivia Wilde was shown in the midst of the scandal

In photos how is the project with which Demi Moore

While he has never formally retired from acting, latest performances of Demi Moore both in movies (Songbird, Please Baby Please) like on TV (Brave New World), unfortunately they have not been too resounding. Now, the actress decided to return to the ring with TheSubstance, a terror movie directed by Coralie Fargeat who is being filmed … Read more

Pedro Almodóvar leaves the project ‘Manual for cleaning women’, which will continue with Cate Blanchett

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Ten days after finishing the shooting of the medium-length film strange way of life, the western in English co-starring Ethan Hawke and Peter Pascal Pedro Almodóvar has decided to get off of Manual for cleaning women, the adaptation of several of the 43 stories that make up the homonymous volume of Lucia Berlin, a project … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio’s new project for Netflix

At 28, Yalitza Aparicio is one of the most requested mexican actresses From the market. After his acclaimed work on “Rome”go back to Netflix with a new project that is far, and a lot, from Alfonso Cuaron. The interpreter will lead “The Great Seduction”tape that will direct Celso Garciaand that you will find it with … Read more

The artist princess: Lady Di’s unfinished project that came to light thanks to Kevin Costner

The artist princess Lady Dis unfinished project that came to

Although he did not belong to the entertainment world, Diana Spencer had a passion for the performing arts in her blood. Her charisma was on display when she made her first public appearance in February 1981, to announce her engagement to the British Crown Prince Charles. On that occasion, and despite her shyness, the 19-year-old … Read more

The project that will unite Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tessa Thompson on the big screen

The project that will unite Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tessa Thompson

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Y Tessa Thompson They have a new project and, for the first time, together. The duo of actors will be placed under the orders of Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus) in “ash”which will be his second film. This sci-fi horror thriller follows a woman who wakes up on an alien planet, played by tessadiscovering … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown’s new project that excites her fans

Millie Bobby Browns new project that excites her fans

With only 18 years, Millie Bobby Brown could not be in a better professional moment. The young actress premiered this year the long-awaited fourth season of stranger thingsthe series that made her famous, and the whole world was shocked with her great interpretation of a much more mature and powerful Eleven. In addition, it was … Read more