San Isidro 2022: program and concerts of the Madrid festivities

San Isidro 2022 program and concerts of the Madrid festivities

Two years later, San Isidro returns to Madrid with its prairie, its concerts and theatrical performances, passing through typical dances, the tasting of Madrid stew and the dumb and ready donuts. For this edition, which marks the 400th anniversary of the saint’s canonization, the City Council has appointed “exceptional town crier” to Antonio Resines, who … Read more

‘Survivors 2022’: The moans of Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira revolutionize the program

Survivors 2022 The moans of Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira

Every year in ‘survivors‘ are produced Approaches between contestants that could end in something more than a friendship. This year, the first survivors who have established this type of relationship are, without a doubt, Anabel Pantoja Y Yulen Pereira. The collaborator ofSave me‘ and the professional swordsman have spent days fooling around. Already in the … Read more

The experiment of a Spanish TV program: they confronted several “haters” with their victims and the consequences were unexpected

The experiment of a Spanish TV program they confronted several

Haters and attacked, face to face in the cycle El Hormiguero (@pablomotos) “Whenever you want, you can read your tweet out loud”, invites a voiceover. “Juan del Val is a bad person,” reads a man sitting in a small room in front of a camera. It is not a casting nor are the lines of … Read more

“You have to get off your pedestal, be humble and ask for a job”: The humiliating end of Raúl Velasco when he lost the program “Always on Sunday” | Television | Entertainment

The iconic host of television, Raul Velasco He assured at the time that he had to knock on different doors to try to return to stardom once his career ended. successful program “Always on Sunday”. However, this task was not easy at all, because nobody wanted to give him the opportunity to return to the … Read more

A program from 1989 predicted what life would be like in 2020 and the coincidences are surprising

a BBC program came to life on social media after users realized how visionary a report on future technology turned out to be. The report dates back to 1989, and many of the elements used in the documentary had not yet been developed, but today they are already a fundamental part of our lives. The … Read more

Rafael Araneda breaks the silence and talks about the departure of Karina Banda from the program Falling in love with USA

Raphael Araneda He is the host of Falling in love with USA, a UniMás program that has undergone great changes after only three years on the air. Not only did Ana Patricia Gámez leave the first time. Roberto Hernández also left the show and then Karina Banda and Migbelis Castellanos arrived. But everything changed a … Read more

Host of Today Day leaves the program and heads for The House of Celebrities: Chiquibaby

Adamari Lopez and Chiquibaby shared with Telemundo’s viewers how excited they are for the arrival of the second season of The House of the Famous. Reality that already saw Alicia Machado win in her first edition. Now that Toni Costa has been confirmed as a new member of the reality show, the announcement that a … Read more

VIDEO: Belinda is electrocuted in a program and assures that it was karma, a message to Christian Nodal?

The scandal that caused the rupture between Belinda Y Christian Nodal, each day it begins to dissipate more and more. Proof of this was Belinda’s recent foray into a program in Spain where she not only looked very happy but also relaxed and fun. Since mid-February, When the couple formed between Christian Nodal and Belinda … Read more

‘Case Closed’: how much do they pay the actors of the renowned program?

Case Closed how much do they pay the actors of

Case closed is one of the most popular television programs in Latin America. From stories that sometimes seem “soap opera outings”, the Cuban judge Ana María Polo resolves multiple legal and social situations. The episodes of the popular program establish a simile with a session in court, where the case is presented, the victims and … Read more

Capi Albores, host of the Hoy program, operated on an emergency

Capi Albores host of the Hoy program operated on an

Capi Albores, host of the Hoy program, operated on an emergency | Instagram The famous driver program todayEnrique Albores, better known to the Mexican public as the ‘Cap Dawn‘, underwent delicate emergency surgery four days ago, on April 14, to treat an unfortunate complication in his left eye. The one in charge of giving the … Read more