National proud! Björk premieres new song with music producer of Chilean origin

1674229812 National proud Bjork premieres new song with music producer of

It’s been a couple of months since Bjork was the headliner at the Primavera Sound Santiago de Chile 2022 festival, and after releasing her new album Fossora (2022), she is now releasing some remixes of her songs, such as “Ovule”, for which which recruited Shygirl and the music producer of Chilean origin, Sega Bodega. Ovule: … Read more

Why the producer of “Spider-Man” criticizes the agreement between Marvel and Sony

Why the producer of Spider Man criticizes the agreement between Marvel

For most fans of “spider-man”, the agreement between Marvel Y Sony it meant something tremendously positive due to all the possibilities that were imagined and that, over time, materialized. However, there were others who did not agree very much, such as the producer of the spider character’s films prior to the MCU, Avi Arad. As … Read more

Cher confirms her romance with the producer who is 40 years younger than her: “Love doesn’t know math”

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Through his Twitter account, cher She told the world that she is in love and in a relationship. The 76-year-old singer confirmed her romance with the music producer Alexander Edwards36, and sparked an avalanche of comments and opinions from people questioning the courtship. The publication with which he announced his new marital status was simple: … Read more

Mel Gibson will testify against Harvey Weinstein in a new trial of the producer for sexual crimes

Mel Gibson will testify against Harvey Weinstein in a new

He faces 11 counts of rape and assault against five women, including the first lady of California. The producer pleaded not guilty. Two years after being sentenced to 23 years in prison on charges of rape and sexual assaultformer film producer Harvey Weinstein will be tried again The Angels for sexual offences. As he did … Read more

The Rings of Power: the second season will be different, terrifying and intense, promises producer

The Rings of Power the second season will be different

The Rings of Power: the second season will be different, terrifying and intense, promises producer Last Friday the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (87%), the most expensive series in history and one of the most ambitious ever made. Adapt the work of J. R. R. Tolkien It was … Read more

The house of the dragon: producer does not understand why the public loves Daemon | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

Not even HBO Max expected the tremendous success it has been the house of the dragon 91%. the prequel to Game of Thrones – 59% It was one of the most anticipated series of the year and has become a Sunday phenomenon that only a few miss. A standout in the story is Prince Daemon … Read more

Was the criticized original design of the Sonic movie a marketing strategy? The Producer Responds – Sonic: The Movie 2 – 3dgames

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

The Sonic movie series from Paramount Pictures is, today, one of the most successful adaptations of the video game to the big screen, but we must not forget all the controversy that arose regarding this production long before its premiere in movie theaters around the world. Although there is already two movies and a third … Read more

Gabriel and Irina deny it, but Televisa producer confirms their breakup: he left them in evidence

Rumors about a break between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva after an infidelity on her part with a Hollywood actor continue to sound louder and louder. And it is that, Although both have denied it, and have assured that they are still together and in love and that they are going to get married, the … Read more

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein: From Respected Producer to Hollywood’s Most Monstrous Sexual Predator

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein From Respected Producer to Hollywoods scaled

Harvey Weinstein at Clara Shorteidge Foltz Criminal Court in Los Angeles on October 4, 2022. He was flown from New York to face further charges. Etienne Laurent/Pool via REUTERS the chronicle of New York Times was signed by the journalists Jodi Kantor Y megan twohey and raised the complaint from the first paragraph: “Two decades … Read more

Will Smith will return to the cinema as producer after incident at the Oscars

Nemesis Sylvester Stallone y su increible resurreccion como superheroe

Months have passed since that embarrassing incident in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rockduring the delivery ceremony of the Oscarafter he made a joke with the wife of the actor from Two Rebel Cops and King Richard: a winning family that, worth saying, gave him the statuette in the category of best actor.There has been … Read more