“Caricature”: Lies producer exploded against Lolita Cortés

Caricature Lies producer exploded against Lolita Cortes

Lolita questioned the professionalism of the actresses of “Lies” (Photo: Instagram/@soylolacortes/CUARTOSCURO) courteous lolita is in the midst of controversy, and it is that the so-called “iron judge” of The academy 20 years has been the subject of a wave of comments on social networks, this after his statements regarding some actresses of the popular play … Read more

Johnny Depp will direct his first film in 25 years with Al Pacino as producer

Johnny Depp will direct his first film in 25 years scaled

Johnny Depp will direct his first film in 25 years with Al Pacino as producer (Reuters) Johnny Depp is set to direct a movie for the first time in 25 years. The actor will return behind the camera for “Modigliani,” a biographical drama about Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Al Pacino will be one of the … Read more

“The Rolling Stones are the soundtrack to everyone’s life,” says Steve Condie, executive producer of documentary ‘My life as Rolling Stone’ | Television | Entertainment

The Rolling Stones are the soundtrack to everyones life says

The rolling stone They are one of those eternal groups whose music has become the soundtrack of everyone’s life for 60 years. Yes, 60 years. It would be a bit unlikely to say at this point in life that someone hasn’t heard yet Sympathy for the devil, Angie, start me upor the unmistakable I Can’t … Read more

Marta Guzmán reveals harassment by an important producer

Martha Guzman She has consolidated one of the most representative careers as a host in different programs, such as ‘Hoy’, ‘Matutino express’ and ‘Primero Noticias’; however, she revealed that she on her way also suffered harassment by a producer, as has happened with more women in the world of show. In an interview, the communicologist … Read more

Amy Winehouse’s producer shares the voicemail the singer left for him

Amy Winehouses producer shares the voicemail the singer left for scaled

The July 23th 2011 the world of music was dyed in mourning after the death of Amy Winehouse. The singer died at 27 years leaving a brief musical legacy that consisted of the publication of two albums; Frank Y Back to Black, the latter being his great success. On the 11th anniversary of his death, … Read more

Marta Guzmán revealed that she suffered harassment from a producer: “You don’t realize it, it was normalized”

Marta Guzman revealed that she suffered harassment from a producer

(Photo: Instagram/@martapasadita) After what at least eight women publicly denounced Jorge Coconut Levy for alleged sexual abuse and harassmentsome figures from the national art world have not only shown solidarity with the alleged victims, they have also raised their voices to share their testimonies of abuse they would have suffered at the hands of other … Read more

Singer Sasha Sokol denounces producer Luis de Llano for “moral damage”

Motley Crue caught they upload a video of the band

The Mexican singer Sasha Sokol has denounced the producer of Televisa Luis de Llano for “moral damages”, as reported in a statement by the artist’s legal team. “Mr. De Llano promoted and initiated a romantic relationship with her when she was a 14-year-old girl,” Sokol’s lawyers have said. “Recently,” the letter continues, “Mr. De Llano … Read more

Sylvester Stallone asks for the return of Rocky rights and points to his producer

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

Sylvester Stallone burst onto the Hollywood scene with Rocky. The story of the good-hearted boxer who does not give up to become a champion continues to excite old and new generations. Sly not only played Balboa, but I think so, so the merit is double. The detail is that despite being responsible for the immense … Read more

Matt Bellamy (Muse) reveals the band that forced them to listen to their producer: “We didn’t know about rock”

Hollywood gallant triumphed with Susana Dosamantes and became a legend

When was the first time you heard ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’? I’m sure you remember. Well the leader of Muse, Matt Bellamy, also. This is how he remembered it in an interview with Total Guitar. In it, the guitarist and keyboardist told the anecdote of how the first listen to the legendary album … Read more

A Marvel Studios producer explains what the true plot of Phase 4 is

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

In 2019 with Avengers: EndgameMarvel Studios ended the third stage and the call Infinity Saga. Once the main stories concluded, the call began Phase 4. With some bumps in the road, including a pandemic, the new phase was able to unleash its full potential. Currently Phase 4 presented Thor: Love and Thunder for him cinema … Read more