The true story behind “The Prodigy”, the Florence Pugh movie on Netflix

The true story behind The Prodigy the Florence Pugh movie

2022 has been a year full of premieres and new projects for Florence Pugh, who starred in “Don’t Worry Darling” together with Harry Styles and is now recording the second part of “Dune”. The most recent film of the actress is “The Prodigy” (“The Wonder” in English), a new proposal that joins Netflix. The British … Read more

“The Prodigy”: the new film with Florence Pugh that everyone will be talking about

The Prodigy the new film with Florence Pugh that everyone

Story about an Irish girl whose Catholic family says she hasn’t eaten since her 11th birthday. (Netflix). Before the world discovered her as the new black widow in the Marvel universe, Florence Pugh managed to earn the respect of critics and the love of fans for a 2019 independent film titled midsummer. The horror feature … Read more

This is how actress Amanda Bynes has changed, from television prodigy to anonymity as a manicurist

This is how actress Amanda Bynes has changed from television

It’s been nearly a decade since Amanda Bynes was last seen on screen. The one who was one of the actresses of reference for the young public and star of the Nickelodeon channel appeared in the applauded Rumors and lies (2010) in what would be his last film role. With her blonde hair, green eyes, … Read more

Fair and enthusiastic Golden Shell for the prodigy ‘The kings of the world’

Fair and enthusiastic Golden Shell for the prodigy The kings

Luis Martinez Saint Sebastian Updated Sunday, September 25, 2022 – 06:49 The volcanic and violent lyrics of the Colombian Laura Mora prevails in a San Sebastian Festival with a decent, brilliant level, which is not excellent Colombian filmmaker Laura Mora, with La Concha de Oro.John SmithEFE ‘The Kings of the world’, by Laura Mora, it’s … Read more

How was the painful death of Pepito Romay, the child actor prodigy of the Golden Cinema era

The golden movie era Mexican gave us films that will be remembered forever, but this time also gave us performances and actors that marked a before and after in the history of cinematography in our country. Between 1936 and 1956, Mexico was the cradle of Latin American cinema, since at that time the world was … Read more

Chachita: This was the terrible disease that took the life of the child prodigy of the Golden Cinema

Chachita This was the terrible disease that took the life

Eva Munozwho was better known as “Chachita” was one of the first great children’s figures who shone in the so-called Golden Cinema era where thanks to your extraordinary artistic skills was able to share credits with the greatest personalities of the momentso on this occasion we will remember, as a tribute, some of the most … Read more

Christina Ricci: child prodigy of the cinema, adolescence between fame and sadness, and her life in danger for a violent husband

Christina Ricci child prodigy of the cinema adolescence between fame

Christina Ricci (Photo: Getty Images) One of the great successes of cinema in 1991 was crazy addams. This funny black comedy, very different from those that used to be produced at the time, managed to make the public resignify the characters that had been launched in the homonymous series of 1964, such as Length, Fingers … Read more

Haley Joel Osment: the sixth sense child prodigy who made an unprecedented decision in Hollywood and changed his career

Haley Joel Osment the sixth sense child prodigy who made

“I see dead people” is one of the most recognized phrases in the film industry; Haley Joel Osment pronounced it in Sixth Sense If a challenge program launched the slogan of pronouncing the most remembered phrases in cinema, they would surely appear “To infinity and beyond”, from toy story, “May the Force be with you”, … Read more

Jodie Foster, from child prodigy to prestigious director

1625730441 Jodie Foster from child prodigy to prestigious director

The actress and director Jodie Foster will receive this Tuesday the Palme d’Or of Honor awarded by the Cannes Festival in recognition of personalities from the world of cinema. In this way, the French festival has wanted to honor the professional career of Foster, an artist who has always stayed out of the spotlight, something … Read more