Prime Video premieres in October: “Argentina, 1985”, “The Sound of 007”, “Cochina envy”, and much more

Prime Video premieres in October Argentina 1985 The Sound of

The top Prime Video titles for October are here. (Prime Video) The month of October 2022 is just around the corner and, for this reason, each of the streaming platforms in Latin America is announcing what it has in store. And one of the first to indicate its catalog of premieres is Prime Video. We … Read more

Science fiction outshines Prime Video premieres this October 2022

Science fiction outshines Prime Video premieres this October 2022

The Amazon platform will offer us a month with the fantasy of The Peripheral as the main claim. One of the great benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime is being able to enjoy the media content platform of the company, which offers quality content every month to entertain us and enjoy movies, documentaries and television … Read more

The most disturbing and unknown film on Prime Video is this suffocating fable about the monotony of adult life

The most disturbing and unknown film on Prime Video is

When a few years ago, in 2019, ‘swallow‘ went through the Sitges festival, viewers left the screenings with a lump in their throats. That did not prevent it from being nominated for Best Film at the Festival, but the respectable reaction is not surprising: this fable builds on the metaphor of not being able to … Read more

‘James Bond’ Music Story First Summed Up in ‘The Sound of 007’ Coming to Prime Video

James Bond Music Story First Summed Up in The Sound

Documentary about the music of the James Bond franchise. The sound of 007 (The Sound of 007) opens the curtain on the extraordinary history of six decades of music by james-bondtaking viewers on a journey from the dr no of Sean Connery until the last departure Daniel Craig in no time to die. [Más series … Read more

The scariest Prime movie that breaks all records: it lasts two hours and it’s chilling

The scariest Prime movie that breaks all records it lasts

About to enter the month of October, little by little the desire to start consuming thematic content related to the world of horror are increasing. The relevance of Halloween is such that streaming platforms like Netflix devote special attention to configuring their services, grouping scary movies and series in attractive categories for your audience. And … Read more

The original version of one of the best television series in history, blackest and most acidic, comes to Prime Video

The original version of one of the best television series

The difference between the US version of ‘The Office’ and the original british version (that you can see full on Prime Video and filmin) is essentially the same as between the boss played by Steve Carell and the one played by Ricky Gervais. Michael Scott is an insufferable but good-hearted bum, while David Brent is … Read more

The dystopian thriller that surpassed Samaritan as the most watched on Amazon Prime Video

The streaming platforms they continue betting big on the incorporation of new content, as well as on the realization of original productions. Among the fierce competition that abounds in the field of streaming, Amazon Prime Video It is one of those that is strongly committed to differentiating itself from the rest, including titles outside the … Read more

Premiere movies and series on VOD: what to watch from September 23-25 ​​on Netflix, HBO Max, Movistar +, Disney + and Prime Video

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

We arrived at the weekend, the penultimate of a September in its final stretch. During the week we have had outstanding premieres such as the first three episodes of Andor, the new live action series that focuses on one of the protagonists of the great movie Rogue One: a Star Wars Story. And don’t forget … Read more

The terrifying movie that is trending on Amazon Prime Video and you can’t miss it

The horror genre continues to captivate fans with new titles that have served to reinvigorate the genre. In recent days, a horror movie has become a trend in Amazon Prime Videoplacing it among the most watched on the streaming platform around the world. We talk about goodnight mommythe film starring naomi watts, which was recently … Read more