Ana de Armas takes another step in her relationship and presents her boyfriend in Hollywood

Ana de Armas takes another step in her relationship and

Role swapping! If during the time it lasted their love story ben affleck it was the actor who introduced Ana de Armas in Hollywood circles, now has been the protagonist of Blonde who has made her boyfriend, Paul Boukadakis, known among her friends in the movie mecca. The 95th edition of the Oscars has left … Read more

HITN-TV presents a new series to honor Puerto Rican pioneers

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

The leading source of Spanish-language media in the United States for educational and cultural programming, recently announced the premiere of the short form series “Voices”which recognizes Puerto Rican pioneers who have made historic contributions to society and the communities they represent. HITN-TV highlights: Puerto Ricans have long been an essential part of the fabric … Read more


Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Puerto Rican Heritage Month Debut Includes Premiere Screening at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College on November 17 BROOKLYN, NY, November 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“I am Puerto Rican, so you know it!” Not only is it a saying commonly used by Puerto Ricans to express pride in their heritage, but it is a … Read more

Disney presents “Reflect,” a short film starring a young plus-size ballet dancer. And the fans are elated

Disney presents Reflect a short film starring a young plus size

“Reflect,” now streaming on Disney+, follows a young plus-size dancer named Bianca. (Credit: From Disney Animation/Twitter) (CNN) — Disney finally has its first young plus-size heroine, and fans online are elated. “Reflect” is a short film about a young ballet dancer named Bianca who struggles with her body image. Although the film first premiered on … Read more

Warsaw, the national band that came to the HBO network, presents its second album: ‘Design and Destroy’

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talk about the band warsaw is to talk about a unique band in its style on the scene underground Lima, not only because of the sound that characterizes it; but because of the great quality of her work and her lyrics, which say a lot in lines, usually short. Her longest song is just over … Read more

The band “Mueres en el mar” presents its new album “IKIGAI” |

The band Mueres en el mar presents its new album

The dream / soft pop group Mueres en el Mar publishes its first full-length titled IKIGAI, a work of 8 songs, where each one of them establishes a link with people or feelings, and at the same time, they generate a unity under the philosophy of life Japanese that gives name to this album. The … Read more

The Houston Symphony presents its annual concert, Fiesta Symphonica

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read transcript go.>> this chapter I amfascinated because we already talked aboutmusic and now we will continue.the houston synonympresents its annual concertvibrant, rhythmic concert,that enhances classical musicLatin. to tell us aboutevent we do not have the director,but we have a greatcomponent. thank you very much forjoin us tell us a littlemore of this annual concert … Read more

HITN-TV presents series for Hispanics to learn about general US culture.

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

With a cultural and civic education approach aimed especially at Latino families, this new program takes the time to answer different questions about history, laws, data of general interest, among others, that are often overlooked but are part of essential to American culture. Presented by the renowned Hispanic journalist with a long career in radio, … Read more

Tribute band Genetics presents “Lyceum 1980”: “It’s a challenge to play such innovative music”

Genetics is the Argentine rock group that performs the music of Genesis, with unique accuracy and passion. Their shows are characterized by fidelity to the original recordings and the staging recreating the concerts of the time. The band formed in 2011 manage to recreate with a unique fidelity the best tribute that has been achieved … Read more

New film presents the suffering of Marilyn Monroe due to abortion

The new movie “Blonde” (“Blonde”), a fictional story about the life of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, presents dramatic scenes about her suffering due to the abortions she underwent. The film, starring Ana de Armas and broadcast through the Netflix streaming platform, is a film version of the homonymous novel written by Joyce Carol Oates. … Read more