La China Suárez in Madrid: chocolates, presentation of a film and tokens of love

La China Suarez in Madrid chocolates presentation of a film

China Suárez traveled to Madrid to present Objects, the new film in which she stars On these days, Eugenia The China Suarez She is experiencing an intense work moment at the same time that she is seen to be happy and in love. Last weekend, the actress landed in Madrid – after passing through New … Read more

La Voz Senior: father of a renowned chef conquered the program with his rock presentation

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

The new season of the TV show the senius voicer has awakened the sensitivity of Colombians with the presence of elderly participants who have told emotional life stories. On the night of this Wednesday, September 21, the turn was for Enrique Cuéllar, father of the late chef Alejandro Cuéllar, who came to the auditions blind. … Read more

Cockroach incident in Yuri’s presentation during national holidays goes viral

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The festivities for the Day of the Grito de Independencia, organized by the municipal government of Nuevo Laredo on the night of September 15, promised to revive the patriotism of New Laredoans and also enjoy a fun night with the presentation of renowned artists such as Bobby Pulido, the Grupo Pega-Pega of Emilio Reyna and … Read more

“Thunderbolts”, “The Marvels”, “Captain America 4″, “Daredevil” and more at the Marvel presentation at D23

Thunderbolts The Marvels Captain America 4″ Daredevil and more at

All the upcoming Marvel productions that will arrive at the end of 2022, in 2023 and 2024. (Marvel Studios) Subscribe to Disney+, click here Many were the followers who waited for the announcement of new titles of Marvel Studios for Phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feig I knew it, so, in … Read more

Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford moved at the presentation of the film

Indiana Jones 5 Harrison Ford moved at the presentation of

With 80 years on the clock, Harrison Ford cannot continue to embody Indiana Jones forever. He will do it one last time with a fifth episode directed by James Mangold. During the panel dedicated to the film at the D23, the actor appeared very moved on stage. Last lap for the adventurer Indiana Jones is … Read more

This promotion is a disaster: when egos, romances and insults ruin the presentation of films

This promotion is a disaster when egos romances and insults

the film screening Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival has aroused expectation, but not as much as the soap opera starring the members of his team when promoting his work. Florence Pugh, the main actress, has not directly collaborated in the promotion of the film; Harry Styles, who only got to turbulent after … Read more

The conspiracy against Olivia Wilde: why everyone attacks Harry Styles’ (almost) 40-year-old girlfriend right at the presentation of the film he directs, Don’t worry, dear

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

If you are one of those who defines your personal or professional status with the recurring “it is complicated”, you can now remove it. Olivia Wilde has made such an ‘upgrade’ to the definition of complication, that it will be difficult for ordinary mortals to use it anymore. Let’s cut to the chase, let’s see … Read more

Bryan Arámbulo: how much does the cumbiambero charge for a presentation at a private event?

Bryan Arambulo He is considered one of the most valued and listened to cumbia singers in Peru. It is no surprise to anyone that since he made his way in the industry, the singer from Huacho He captivated his listeners with his wide vocal range and catchy musical themes. In recent weeks, it has been … Read more

Videos | The presentation of a girl in Idol kids of Spain singing an explicit song by Rosalía and Tokischa

Joker 2 6 films in which Lady Gaga has acted

An unusual audition was experienced in a children’s show in Spain; a 9-year-old girl presented at Idol Kidssinging the song “Linda”, by Rosalia Y Tokischa. A topic with an explicit sexual theme. Evidently, the girl had no knowledge of what she was singing, in fact, she could hardly be understood, however, many were surprised that … Read more

The Academy: Rubí makes her BEST presentation of the season and achieves the unthinkable with the judges

Since its first appearance in The academy, Ruby She has positioned herself as the most controversial personality of this reality season, since the vast majority of viewers agreed that the “most famous fifteen-year-old in Mexico” did not have enough talent to continue in the competition. Week after week, the young woman was highly criticized by … Read more