The director of Predator told an incredible anecdote about the filming of the film

Director of Predator (1987), John McTiernanis one of the guests of honor at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and on Sunday night he told why they had to flee in the middle of the night from Mexico while filming the movie starring arnold schwarzenegger. McTiernan’s incredible anecdote focused on the actor’s unusual actions … Read more

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein: From Respected Producer to Hollywood’s Most Monstrous Sexual Predator

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein From Respected Producer to Hollywoods scaled

Harvey Weinstein at Clara Shorteidge Foltz Criminal Court in Los Angeles on October 4, 2022. He was flown from New York to face further charges. Etienne Laurent/Pool via REUTERS the chronicle of New York Times was signed by the journalists Jodi Kantor Y megan twohey and raised the complaint from the first paragraph: “Two decades … Read more

Predator 4 – Benicio Del Toro soon to be targeted!

Predator 4 Benicio Del Toro soon to be targeted

Oscar winner Benicio del Toro has just entered into talks about a role in the next predator. © Metropolitan FilmExport © Metropolitan FilmExport Notes: The latest summer rumors claimed that Shane Black was about to start filming his predator in Vancouver in September. Although it has yet to be confirmed, the project has since found … Read more

Prey: the Predator movie inspired by… Jackie Chan!

Prey the Predator movie inspired by… Jackie Chan

Prey takes place several hundred years before the events of the films predator. The feature film available on Disney+ follows young Naru, a Comanche struggling with one of the creatures. Accompanied by her dog, she confronts with great cunning this pitiless adversary who has come to hunt on Earth. The opportunity for many action scenes … Read more

The real reason why Arnold did not participate in Predator 2 comes to light

In 1990 it was released in theaters predator 2. The tape presented a new incursion of the intergalactic hunter, but in a totally different jungle: the city. Many thought that arnold schwarzenegger would return to play the role of the tough major Alan “Dutch” Schaeferbut instead we find Danny Glover in the role of detective … Read more

“Prey”: the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects and during his characterization process

Prey the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects

The new version of the remembered movie “Predator” has come to conquer the viewing public. It is “Predator: The Prey” or also known as “Prey”, which brings new adventures of the alien hunter and whose production is set 300 years ago. But mysterious character He has also drawn everyone’s attention for his terrifying appearance. It … Read more

‘Predator: Prey’ is accused of plagiarizing this amazing fan-film (Naru is identical!)

Predator Prey is accused of plagiarizing this amazing fan film Naru

The streaming movie of the moment in recent weeks has been ‘Predator: Prey’, which took a different course compared to the rest of its franchise, but did you know that it has been accused of plagiarism? And to top it off there are solid arguments. It should not surprise us that in the middle of … Read more

Stephen King wants the characters in one of his stories to face the Predator

At the beginning of the month came Preythe new installment of the franchise of Predator. Contrary to what was thought, Dan Trachtenberg’s film surprised both critics and audiences. The new story not only reinvigorated the franchise, but put the franchise back on top. Predator. In this context appears Stephen King and it is because the … Read more

‘Predator’: Know all the classes of hunters that exist

Predator Know all the classes of hunters that

Do you know all the hunters that exist in the ‘Predator’ saga? Here we tell you a little about them. Predator: The Preythe new film of the successful franchise of Predator (1987) starring Amber Mid Thundercame to Star Plus on August 5 last. The science fiction film, directed by Dan Trachtenbergis set in the Comanche … Read more