Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe terrified in front of the New York store!

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe terrified in front of the New

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be struggling with his fame. Recently, he explained that he was very scared in front of a Harry Potter shop. The life of a star is not always easy. Daniel Radcliffe has just proved it. In a recent interview, the actor revealed he was spooked outside a Harry Potter store in … Read more

Harry Potter turns 42: what is the best and worst movie? Where to see them?

Harry Potter turns 42 what is the best and worst

Harry celebrates his 42nd birthday this weekend and there is nothing better to celebrate than his films. (HBOMax) Harry Potter over the years it became one of the most important book and movie sagas in history and not only is it an icon of popular culture, it also unleashed the euphoria for returning children and … Read more

The controversial accusation of a Harry Potter actress against Arnold Schwarzenegger

The race of arnold schwarzenegger It has gone around a lot. In addition to being one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood, and although it is very difficult to think of him and not automatically relate him to terminatoris also the former governor of California and a politician who has generated much controversy with … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger : “Je pète aussi mais pas au visage des gens”, une actrice d’Harry Potter balance

Arnold Schwarzenegger Je pete aussi mais pas au visage

Dans un podcast, la comédienne Miriam Margolyes, connue notamment pour son rôle du professeur dans la saga Harry Potter, a fait une étonnante et odorante révélation sur une immense star du cinéma : Arnold Schwarzenegger. Une scène qu’elle n’est pas prête d’oublier. Plutôt méconnue du public français, l’actrice anglo-australienne Miriam Margolyes fait tout de même … Read more

Harry Potter: this Emma Watson mania that ruined several scenes!

Harry Potter this Emma Watson mania that ruined several scenes

Invited to Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Watson spoke of a mania she had on the set of Harry Potter, which was very disabling. Everyone knows the too serious side of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. But what some did not know was that his interpreter would have it too. Indeed, Emma Watson recently made it known … Read more

Tell Harry Potter: They change the name of Quidditch and now the sport is called that in the real world

Tell Harry Potter They change the name of Quidditch and

If all the installments of Harry Potter, both the books and the movies, followed the skin of the canyon, surely they know at the foot of the canyon the names of the objects, animals and even spells that belong to the magical world. Of course, that’s where the most popular sport for witches and wizards … Read more

Would Ralph Fiennes play Harry Potter villain Voldemort again?

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

In an interview with The List journalist Amy Mackelden, Ralph Fiennes said that would play the role of Voldemort again to make a romantic spin-off, with “Voldemort’s girlfriend” played by Jessica Chastain. “I think it would be a loving marriage, but a very complicated one. I think it would be obsessive. They would hate each … Read more

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor: Love & Thunder in a bind that only Christian Bale can fix

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor Love Thunder in

The god of thunder Marvel returns to theaters this summer ready to surprise us again with Thor: Love & Thundera film that is again directed by Taika Waititiwhich brings back the Jane Foster of Natalie Portman and that incorporates new faces to the Disney superheroic universe such as Christian balewho comes to the franchise to … Read more

Harry Potter: what is the disease that Daniel Radcliffe suffers from?

Harry Potter what is the disease that Daniel Radcliffe suffers

In an interview for The Independent, Daniel Radcliffe revealed to suffer from an illness. But what is the Harry Potter actor suffering from? Several years after having had worldwide success with Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe is breaking the silence. No, the actor did not make any revelations on the set. However, he recently confided in … Read more