“Madame Sean Connery”, on France 2: intimate portrait of Micheline Roquebrune

Madame Sean Connery on France 2 intimate portrait of Micheline

FRANCE 2 – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 AT 1:15 p.m. – DOCUMENTARY SERIES Sean Connery and his wife Micheline Roquebrune, in March 1975. PHOTO12 “What a jerk! » The woman who has just insulted a motorist is outspoken. Despite this exuberance, Micheline, painter, widow of Sean Connery, remains unknown to the general public, while she was … Read more

It’s Netflix’s best original movie this year: a spectacular portrait of escalating violence in times of social emergency reminiscent of Michael Mann and ‘1917’

Netflix loses one of the best time travel movies in

Those who shout to the heavens at the forced inclusion of women and minorities in modern adaptations of classics will be right, because even the remake of Italian fascism has changed its male protagonist for a woman. Fuck off, the rise of extremist and hate speech even the Italian institutions is something worrying that can … Read more

Dahmer: a brutal and somewhat chaotic portrait of the “Milwaukee Cannibal” that seeks to go beyond the hit

Dahmer a brutal and somewhat chaotic portrait of the Milwaukee

Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer StoryUnited States, 2022). Creators: Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan. Cast: Evan Peters, Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, Niecy Nash, Michael Beach, Colby French, Michael Learned. Available in: Netflix. Our opinion: good. It is already old to talk about fashion true crime because today we are … Read more

‘Dahmer’: the chilling portrait of the psychopath Jeffrey Dahner on Netflix generates controversy

Dahmer the chilling portrait of the psychopath Jeffrey Dahner on

Converting misery and trauma is always one of the challenges that historical re-enactments face. For many, blood or poverty on screen can become almost “pornographic”; because some part of the public usually finds a strange pleasure in seeing the tragedy of others. the new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, titled for Latin America as … Read more

‘Prism’: the (double) portrait of adolescence in the Italian series on Amazon Prime Video

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Generational portraits are always a curious type of fiction that allows us to identify the keys of the represented stage but also the particularities with which the protagonists live it. An account of coming of age, or passage from adolescence to maturity, is very different if we place it in Spain in the 1970s or … Read more

The series “El Rey, Vicente Fernández” premieres on Netflix, a portrait of the life of the Mexican idol

The series El Rey Vicente Fernandez premieres on Netflix a

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- A portrait of the life of the Mexican idol Vicente Fernández turned into the series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’ premiered Wednesday on Netflix. Jaime Camil is now an expert in the way Vicente Fernández speaks and thinks. To prepare for his role in the series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’, which debuted on Netflix … Read more

‘Fanatic’, crude portrait of a youth halfway between ambition and apathy

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

It was not necessary to have gone a few weeks ago to the Rosalía concert in Madrid to know much of what happened there, how something happened before with that of C. Tangana. The images of their performances followed one another in infinite reels, stories and other ephemeral tools of social networks. To the point … Read more

Macarena Miguel participates in “A family portrait” as a determined girl “who knows what she wants”

Ethereum music player and Solana suffered theft of 18 million

Written in CELEBRITIES the 7/29/2022 8:34 p.m. Macarena Miguel She is 27 years old and has maintained her career as an actress since she was three years old, when she began to participate in soap operas. She is now part of the cast of the movie “A family portrait”, a film in which she plays … Read more

Titanic: why Kate Winslet regrets the naked scene of the portrait? – CineSeries

Titanic why Kate Winslet regrets the naked scene of the

One of the many cult passages of “Titanic” is obviously the one where Jack draws the portrait of Rose. A sequence that Kate Winslet somewhat regrets having shot, for an astonishing reason. titanic : and the world discovered Rose and Jack A director with excessive ambitions, two promising actors, a cult song interpreted by Céline … Read more

Who was Margaret Kane, the portrait artist with giant eyes: she died at 94 and Amy Adams played her in a movie

Who was Margaret Kane the portrait artist with giant eyes.webp

The painter became one of the most important artists of the sixties and became a true icon. He was 94 years old, his legacy will be invaluable and without a doubt he marked a before and after. The death of Margaret Keane It saddened the entire show business. The woman was 94 years old and … Read more