750 euros: in Bergerac dog poo costs as much as a kilo of truffles. A national record

750 euros in Bergerac dog poo costs as much as

At 750 euros the excretion, the owners will monitor with anguish the incontinence of their “dear” doggie. Since Cyrano, Bergerac is the superlative verbal. From now on, this will also be the superlative record. At 750 €uros the poop, you have to have confidence in your dog… • © France 3 Périgords – Bertrand Lasseguette … Read more

Reviews: Criticism of “Val”, a documentary by Ting Poo and Leo Scott about Val Kilmer (Amazon Prime Video)

Reviews Criticism of Val a documentary by Ting Poo and

After its recent premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, this heartbreaking and at times fascinating portrait of the actor’s tortuous existence is now available on the streaming platform. Val (United States / 2021). Direction and edition: Ting Poo and Leo Scott. Photography: Val Kilmer. Music: Garth Stevenson. Duration: 108 minutes. Available on Amazon Prime Video. … Read more