5 PHOTOS of Dr. Polo showing her RADICAL physical change before Case Closed

It was in 2001 that the broadcast of one of the television programs in Latin America with the highest audience in history began, it is the program Case closed which was directed by Dr. Ana Maria Polo. Also a lawyer, she was characterized by the tough character she showed on the show; furthermore, throughout all … Read more

What did Dr. Ana María Polo do before being the host of Case Closed?

One of the reasons why Case closed became one of the most famous programs on television and especially on Telemundo, it was thanks to the host Anna Maria Polo better known as the “Dr. Polo”. However, before being one of the most famous presenters on television, she dedicated to another profession. Anna Maria Polo She … Read more

Take a breath before seeing Dr. Polo, from “Case Closed”, on her graduation day

The doctor Anna Maria Polo -also known as Doctor Polo, just plain- is one of the most important media figures of recent years. With his very successful and always surprising program “Case closed”the histrionic lawyer and host -who plays the role of a judge during her programs- has become a sensation and a true influencer. … Read more

What did Dr. Polo do before “Case Closed”?

The Doctor Polo She is one of the best drivers charismatic of the TV and is responsible for carrying out the program “Case closed”, one of the most successful of the Telemundo network and that will soon officially return, but on another network. Before becoming the prestigious presenterAna María Polo devoted herself to exercising another … Read more

This is what Dr. Polo looks like when she is not in front of the cameras

Anna Maria Polo is more than ready to join the new season of Case closed. After spending several years away from her television show, the presenter is preparing for new episodes and new stories. According to the information that emerged, the show will return to the small screen completely renewed. Although it will seek to … Read more

What was the most controversial relationship of Dr. Polo

Owner of an almost secret personal and private life, the Doctor Polo is famous for having lived through several difficult moments and for having starred some controversies. On this occasion, we tell you what is known about their love relationships (both confirmed and rumours) and we share everything there is to know about it. To … Read more

Who is the man 10 years older than Dr. Polo fell in love at 19

He always stood out for his intelligence and personality. She determined to do what she wanted from a very young age, Anna Maria Polomore popularly known as the Doctor Polo, fell in love with a man 10 years older. She got married and she even got pregnant, but her life gave her a setback. Learn … Read more

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Morat made the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum vibrate in his first concert: ‘Thank you, Guayaquil, really, thank you’ | Music | Entertainment

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