The Otherness, the rock band from Patagonia that plays in Europe and presented their new video in Berlin

The Otherness the rock band from Patagonia that plays in

The Otherness, originally from Comodoro Rivadaviaare writing an interesting manual on this matter of crossing borders and fighting (and winning) to make their talent known beyond Patagonia… and Buenos Aires. It is that the quartet formed by Martín Cativa (voice and rhythm guitar), Gonzalo Cativa (voice and bass), Nico Klein (lead guitar and voice), Pablo … Read more

Austin Butler: his age, his partner and biography of the actor who plays Elvis Presley in the biopic – Happyfm

Austin Butler his age his partner and biography of the

Austin Butler: his age, his partner and biography of the actor who plays Elvis Presley in the biopic Austin Butler is the actor who plays Elvis Presley in the successful biopic of the legendary “King of Rock and Roll.” It has become one of the films of the year, and, since its premiere, it has … Read more

Who plays Parker in “Never Have I Ever”? Meet Reese Witherspoon’s Son, Deacon Phillippe – Nifey

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

I have never, Mindy Kaling’s popular Netflix coming-of-age series is back and full of new characters. All 10 episodes of Season 3 were released on August 12, 2022, and as fans watch, they’ll meet a number of new crushes, new friends, and new friends of crushes. Among the new characters for the season is Parker, … Read more

Timothée Chalamet plays a cannibal in the Bones & All trailer

Timothee Chalamet plays a cannibal in the Bones All

Frenzy Film Company The first trailer for Bones & All has been released. In it, we enjoy Timothée Chalamet giving life to a cannibal who devours men. Bones & All has released its first trailer. Thanks to him, we have the first images of the romantic cannibal played by Timothee Chalamet. The film is directed … Read more

He was the Steve Jobs of his time: Romain Duris plays the role of Gustave Eiffel | Romain Duris » Live TV

He was the Steve Jobs of his time Romain Duris

Ii Michael Caine is the quintessence of the London actor, Romain Duris could become his Parisian equivalent. Born and raised in the city, he shot to international fame in 2005 playing a real estate con man with ambitions to be a pianist in Jacques Audiard’s The Beat My Heart Skipped. Quick as lightning but skilled … Read more

Who is Nicholas Galitzine, the actor who plays Luke in “Wounded Hearts”

Who is Nicholas Galitzine the actor who plays Luke in

“Broken Hearts” (“Purple Hearts” in its original language) is the romantic drama that has conquered Netflix subscribers, who were captivated by the love story of Luke and Cassie. Although the Marine and the aspiring singer initially marry out of convenience, a tragedy makes them realize that they are truly in love. The leading roles are … Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch: these are the lesser-known films of the actor who plays Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch these are the lesser known films of the actor

This year the British starred in “Dr Strange in the universe of madness” which grossed more than 955 million dollars. (Marvel) A few decades ago, the actors who made big blockbusters, those who took people to the movies, did not usually make more independent or festival-style films. On the other hand, those who made auteur … Read more

What happened to Monday: the movie in which Noomi Rapace plays septuplets

The representation of dystopian worlds is a theme that always attracts moviegoers, especially if those worlds are not so far from reality. In recent years, interesting premises about unfavorable futures for humanity have emerged, as in In Time or Interstellar. In this case, what happened to monday (What happened to Monday, Latin America; Seven sisters, … Read more

“Thor: Love and Thunder”: Which actor plays the mysterious character revealed in the post-credits scene?

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

With the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it has become customary for fans to wait for the post-credits scenes in each movie. Some do not generate much interest, but others always leave something to talk about, as is the case with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘, the film starring Natalie Portman Y Chris Hemsworth. … Read more

Criticism of The Final List, the Prime Video series in which Chris Pratt plays Navy SEAL James Reece

Criticism of The Final List the Prime Video series in

James Reece could pass for the little brother of Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher. The commander of SEAL Team 7 has starred in a number of Jack Carr novels, just as Ryan became the star character of Tom Clancy and Reacher stars in a score of Lee Child books. And like his two companions, Reece … Read more