Michelle Williams Felt A Big Responsibility Playing Steven Spielberg’s Mom – GameSpot

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Acclaimed director Steven Spielberg wears it all with his latest movie The Fabelmans. A semi-autobiographical drama about his beginnings as a budding filmmaker in a family torn between creativity and objectivity, the film is a chance for the legendary author to open up to the public about what made him such a force in the … Read more

Evan Peters starred in a surprising true crime before playing Jefrey Dhamer: you have a few days to watch a mix of heist and documentary films on HBO Max

Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story breaks more records on

The “too passionate about your own thing” genre has an interesting intersection with “things you shouldn’t do just because you’re too bored.” When a work exploits it well, it can create a truly fascinating experience to watchwithout the need for artificial morbidities like those that can fall, for example, the new true crime that is … Read more

Should Hugh Jackman continue playing Wolverine after Deadpool 3? | Pretty Reel

Should Hugh Jackman continue playing Wolverine after Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman’s adamantium claws have been gathering dust at the Marvel Museum for five years now after his “last performance” as Wolverine in Logan. This film gave us the seemingly perfect ending to Jackman’s tenure as the character. Another big fight in the woods and a bow. He battled Magneto, Sabretooth, and the Sentinels; it … Read more

Sitge 2022 | ‘Speak no Evil’: a cruel satire on the death of good manners that sins as a tremendousist by playing Haneke

Sitge 2022 Speak no Evil a cruel satire on

The Danish ‘ is presented in Sitges 2022Speak No Evil‘, a thriller with hints of (very black) dramedy that shows viewers the dangers of not talking about awkwardness out of politeness, leading to a twisted dynamic of unthinkable consequences. Director Christian Tafdrup spins around the concept of trusting strangers too quickly and allegorically exposes how … Read more

Bin Valencia, legend of Argentine rock, dies in full concert playing with his wife and children

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

The Argentine musician Bin Valenciadrummer of the legendary band Almafuerte from 2001 until the dissolution of the group in 2016, died last Sunday at the age of 61 while performing at La Quadra Rock Club (in the Buenos Aires town of Ramos Mejía) together with Sirio, the band he had formed with his wife Claudia … Read more

Jesús, the ‘band man’ who came to ‘La Voz Senior’ playing three instruments

Jesus the band man who came to La Voz Senior

Capture video Caracol Television Every night, the second edition of ‘The Senior Voice’ surprises viewers with the arrival of more seniors on the music scene, demonstrating the talent they have cultivated throughout their lives. The trainers Andres Cepeda, Kany Garcia and Nacho They are pleasantly impressed by the talent of each new contestant who arrives … Read more

YouTube trends: the 10 music videos that Argentines do not stop playing

Argentina the 10 YouTube music videos that are trending this

The YouTube platform has become one of the public’s favorite means of having a good time. (Illustration: Jovani Pérez) In such a dizzying and stressful modern world, it is normal for people to look for different ways to relax and forget about the problems of the day, whether it is an outing with friends, watch … Read more