‘Algoritmo’, the film in which Efraín Ruales played a villain, is already in theaters

Algoritmo the film in which Efrain Ruales played a villain

The movie is already in theaters “Algorithm”, in which the late actor Efraín Ruales embodies a villain. The feature film offers a reflection on the risk of data release —Sometimes unconsciously through the internet—, which makes life easier for people corrupt and can put a simple citizen in front of “invisible” enemies. It was planned … Read more

Jim Carrey almost played Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park

Mark Hamill Brings Skeletor to Life in Masters of the

There are castings that are just meant to be, and as many that are “almost werewolves”. One of those anomalies in the world is that Ian Malcolm’s role in jurassic park was almost played by none other than Jim Carrey before he became a huge comedy star in the back of Ace Ventura: Pet sleuth. … Read more

Woman Who Played Jude Law’s Daughter While On Vacation Says ‘Fat Old Men’ Tell Her She’s ‘Always Cute’

Woman Who Played Jude Laws Daughter While On Vacation Says

The actor who played Jude Law’s adorable baby girl in the Christmas movie Vacations says she always has “rude old men” telling her she’s cute. You can see her react to the “scary” comments about it here: Miffy Englefield was just six when she appeared onscreen as Sophie alongside Law and is now 22 with … Read more

Harold Ramis: what did the “Ghostbusters” actor who played Egon Spengler die of

1638257611 Harold Ramis what did the Ghostbusters actor who played Egon

What happened to Harold Ramis? The actor is one of the remembered characters from “Ghostbusters” like Dr. Egon Spengler. He starred in the tapes of the franchise of “Los casafantasmas“Along with Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray, with whom he had another separate story, with goals and reconciliation. However, few remember what kind of … Read more

Eddie Redmayne confessed that he regrets having played a trans woman in “The Danish Girl”

Eddie Redmayne confessed that he regrets having played a trans

Eddie Redmayne was nominated for an Oscar for his work on “The Danish Girl” (Capture You Tube) The actor Eddie Redmayne, recognized for having starred in the film The Danish Girl, confessed that he regrets having given life to the character of “Lili Elbe”, which was a transgender woman and with whom he got his … Read more

Dwayne Johnson shares James Bond aspirations after grandfather played villain in 1967 E! News UK

Dwayne Johnson shares James Bond aspirations after grandfather played villain

Dwayne Johnson has his eyes set on a new role. The 49-year-old star is known as one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors, typically appearing in a number of high-profile films each year, including famous franchises like “The Fast and the Furious” and “Jumanji. “. Not to mention that he also made a name for himself … Read more

Lady Gaga played her role of “House of Gucci” for 1 year and it was not easy

Lady Gaga played her role of House of Gucci for

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.Lady Gaga, here in her character of Patrizia Reggiani. CINEMA – An experience that could not be more difficult. While the film House of Gucci will be released in theaters at the end of November, its main actress, singer Lady Gaga, confided in the role she plays in the pages … Read more

Fito surprises a street musician who played his song and sings it with him (video) – MariskalRock.com

1635854493 Fito surprises a street musician who played his song and

November 2, 2021 10:56 am published by Drafting – Photo: Javier Salas The greatness of some artists is measured in details much larger than the packed stadiums or the awards that are hung on the walls, and in the case of Earn, whose album ‘Every time corpse’ has been protagonist of La Heavy number 435 … Read more

The Squid Game: Jang Deok-su, villain of the series, played Goku in live-action Dragon Ball

The Squid Game Jang Deok su villain of the series played

Squid game and the player who was Goku | The Squid Game is one of Netflix’s most popular Netflix series in 2021, especially for its picturesque characters that many fans loved. Now, after the success of the show, a new report came to light and revealed that one of the villains of Squid game played … Read more

Actor James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on the Friends series, dies at 59 – BBC News

1635141098 Actor James Michael Tyler who played Gunther on the Friends

5 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, The Friends star was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in 2018 American actor James Michael Tyler, best known for his role as Gunther on the television comedy Friends, has died at the age of 59. Tyler died “in peace“at his Los Angeles home Sunday morning, according to … Read more