“They hired her to scare children”: Alfredo Adame attacked Laura Bozzo after finding her on a plane

They hired her to scare children Alfredo Adame attacked Laura

Photos: Darkroom Once again, Alfredo Adame is in the public eye, because after it became known that he recently shared a plane with the controversial Laura Bozzo, the former driver of Today He did not hesitate to criticize the Peruvian. It was during a brief interview that Carlos Trejo’s enemy had with the Youtube called … Read more

Tom Cruise’s latest feat is to fly hanging from a plane

Yes, this is Tom Cruise in full flight.Screenshot: Tom Cruise / Christopher McQuarrie / Paramount Pictures. Tom Cruise, at 60 years of age, should have us used to the fact that he will do more and more extreme feats in his movies, from making HALO-type parachute jumps to drop out of a helicopter in full … Read more

Julión Álvarez abandoned his plane in the United States. Why?

Julión Álvarez abandoned his plane in the United States. Why? | Instagram After the investigation for an alleged money laundering to which the singer was subjected Julian Alvarez for him United States Department of the TreasuryNow it is known that the singer left a plane he owned stranded in a hangar in that country for … Read more

Macaulay Culkin, the hero of “Mom, I missed the plane”, beams while playing the father for the son he shares with his star partner

Macaulay Culkin the hero of Mom I missed the plane

Macaulay Culkin is best known for his iconic role in the Christmas movie “Home Alone.” The star is now engaged to actress Brenda Song and is enjoying every moment of his fatherhood. Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song were famous from childhood; Culkin starred in the famous Christmas movie “Mom, I Missed the Plane,” which remains … Read more

Plane ticket, hotel, car rental… How to use a VPN to travel cheaper?

Plane ticket hotel car rental… How to use a VPN

We often talk to you about VPNs to highlight their many advantages: anonymity, encryption, circumvention of censorship, the possibility of accessing certain hidden content from Netflix, of watching normally paid sports competitions, etc. But there is a less known, but just as practical aspect: paying less for your holidays! It all starts with the famous … Read more

How Safran wants to take part in the “green plane”, dear to Carole Delga

How Safran wants to take part in the green plane

In Occitania, Safran is advancing its pawns in the wake of the policy pursued by the regional council. The engine manufacturer, which already employs 3,300 people in this region, intends to ramp up its subsidiary Safran Power Units, which currently employs 500 people in Toulouse and plans to have almost 600 employees by the end … Read more

Jossmery Toledo on the insults on the plane: “I felt the hatred of the people, the envy”

Jossmery Toledo on the insults on the plane I felt

Jossmery Toledo She was affected by the insults she received from passengers on the program ‘En boca de todos’ and accused the LATAM Airlines staff of encouraging hatred towards her. The former police officer recounted the humiliating moment she had to go through when several passengers called out and insulted her for allegedly committing an … Read more

Miles Teller’s traumatic experience piloting a plane during the filming of Top Gun: Maverick

“Top Gun: Maverick” continues to break records Miles Tellerfar from talking about the success of the film, revealed the traumatic experience he lived piloting a plane in a dive during the filming of the film. To give credibility to the tape, the actors took aviation coursesto those who Teller described as “challenging” but that cannot … Read more

US box office: The “Top Gun: Maverick” fighter plane offers a record to Tom Cruise, “Doctor Strange 2” far behind

US box office The Top Gun Maverick fighter plane offers

Tom Cruise boosts cinema attendance across the Atlantic (+141.3% in one week). “Top Gun: Maverick” alone represents more than 70% of admissions between Friday 27 and Sunday 29 May. The sequel to the 1986 film has already grossed $124 million (out of a total of $174.9 million for all films combined). According to forecasts across … Read more

‘Tenet’: crashing a real plane and 6 other curiosities about Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster

Tenet crashing a real plane and 6 other curiosities about

After the applause ‘Dunkirk’, Christopher Nolan returned to science fiction with ‘tenet’which was the big post-pandemic box office premiere, led by John David Washington, Robert Pattinson Y Kenneth Brangh. The film is broadcast tonight on La 1.

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