Piqué, about the alleged fight with Shakira’s brother in Miami: “That did not exist and the children were present”

Pique about the alleged fight with Shakiras brother in Miami

Dove Barrientos contact directly with Gerard Piqué to ask him about the information published in a Miami outlet in which they affirm that the former player and the brother of Shakira they had had a physical fight. The journalist provides all the data in ‘The Ana Rosa program’. From Miami they comment that Gerard Piqué … Read more

This was the time Maluma met Piqué: “The most intimidating moment of my life”

This was the time Maluma met Pique The most intimidating

Much has been rumored about the “jealousy” that Gerard Piqué would have felt with the Colombian singer-songwriter Juan Luis Londoño Arias, known by his stage name Maluma, at the time he recorded the video clip for the musical collaboration with Shakira. Clandestinethe second collaboration between the barranquillera and the paisa after Blackmail and which is … Read more

Let the unfortunate pass: The ‘miss’ Laura gave everything to Clara Chía, for messing with Piqué

Let the unfortunate pass The miss Laura gave everything to

Laura Bozzo is one of the most recognized television personalities in all of Latin America, surely more than one person remembers her phrase “Let the wretch pass”, or when he gave away ‘sanducheros carts’ to the guests who went to his program Laura in America to tell their misfortunes and fight while security tried to … Read more

Piqué and Clara Chía would be in crisis: the phrase from Shakira’s song that would have caused discord in the couple

1674171183 Pique and Clara Chia would be in crisis the phrase

Piqué and Clara Chía Martí would be in crisis for a phrase from the song that Shakira recorded with Bizarrap Since the premiere of Music Sessions #53 of Shakira beside bizarrethe life of Gerard Hammered began to wobble. Although the former defender of FC Barcelona he puts on the best face every time he has … Read more

Casio denies Piqué and reveals his position in front of Shakira’s song

Casio denies Pique and reveals his position in front of

The tension between Shakira and Gerard Piqué does not seem to have a near end. After the release of the song La Barranquillera with Bizarrapas part of the ‘BZRP Music Sessions’, a wave of reactions has had the entertainment world with its eyes on the 12-year relationship that came to an end and from which … Read more

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met after the premiere of ‘Music Sessions #53’

1674090660 Shakira and Gerard Pique met after the premiere of Music

Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have starred in a new meeting, this time, after the release of ‘Music Sessions #53’. Original Infobae Colombia It’s been a week since Shakira beside bizarre the Music Sessions #53 with which the woman from Barranquilla threw strong darts against Gerard Piqué and his young lover Clara Chia. And what … Read more

Eugenio Derbez, without “minding words”, referred to Shakira and her new song against Piqué

1674086997 Eugenio Derbez without minding words referred to Shakira and her

The actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood, since his talent allowed him to scale internationally and that means that any statement he shares is taken into account by public opinion. Precisely, in view of boom that generated the new musical theme of Shakira next to Bizarrap, called … Read more

Clara Chía y Piqué estarían en crisis gracias a una frase de la nueva canción de Shakira

1674054060 Clara Chia y Pique estarian en crisis gracias a una

Son infinitas las polémicas que se han desatado gracias a la nueva canción de Shakira, junto al productor argentino Bizarrap, en la que los protagonistas han variado, de acuerdo a la frase que se analice de dicho sencillo, que ha batido récords en YouTube, Spotify y varias plataformas, que cada día suman más reproducciones de … Read more

In full rage for the song that Shakira dedicated to him, Gerard Piqué chose his favorite Bizarrap song with another nod to his ex-partner

1674050400 In full rage for the song that Shakira dedicated to

Piqué told what his favorite Bizarrap session is A new chapter adds to the media war that the former soccer player is carrying out Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira after their separation. Everything has grown in recent days after the latest song by the Colombian artist came to light, which has several hints within … Read more