Jada Pinkett’s condition for Will Smith to record romantic scenes in movies

Jada Pinketts condition for Will Smith to record romantic scenes

Will Smith Y Jada Pinkett They have become one of the most mediatic couples in recent months after the remembered ‘Prince of Rap’ starred in a controversial event during the last Oscars. After that, some curiosities of the couple regarding the actor’s work have been revealed, especially when he had to perform romantic scenes with … Read more

What’s behind Will Smith’s reaction to Jada Pinkett’s comment

Whats behind Will Smiths reaction to Jada Pinketts comment

The 94th Oscar Awards will undoubtedly be etched in the retina of the world due to the unexpected crossover between Will Smith and Chris Rock. The situation changed course when the comedian made a comment about the shaved look of Jada Pinkett, the actor (at the time) nominated for king richard He did not allow … Read more