The accident with acid that Gerard Butler suffered in ‘The pilot’: “I was burning my face”

The accident with acid that Gerard Butler suffered in The

As a regular in action movies, Gerard Butler It has accustomed us to some of the most adrenaline-filled sequences, the filming of which has been a real danger to its integrity. A fact supported by his refusal to have specialists replace him in these scenes and giving him an anecdote of compromising situations, among which … Read more

Kingdom Hearts was about to have an animated series in 2003 and its pilot episode is a dart of nostalgia

Why has there never been an animated series of Kingdom Hearts? The franchise cries out to heaven for an adaptation of this type, but the truth is that it has never been produced… or has it? Seth Kearsley, director of Eight Crazy Nights, has unearthed from the depths of his house a unmissable gem. And … Read more

The Never Game: Mary McDonnell for the CBS pilot

The Never Game Mary McDonnell for the CBS pilot

According to Deadline, Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galacticafinal image), Robin Weigert (Deadwoodopposite), Abby McEnany (Work in Progressbelow) and Eric Graise (Step Up – High Waterbelow) all joined Justin Hartley in the pilot of The Never Game for CBS, adapted from the eponymous novel by Jeffery Deaver. Directed by Ken Olin, and written by Ben Winters, this … Read more

Sailor Moon: Lost pilot of the American adaptation of the popular anime emerges

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

The first manga of sailor Moon It was published between 1992 and 1997. Although the series jumped to anime in a short time in Japan, it did not reach the rest of the world until 1997 and was a resounding success. For many years there were rumors that there was an American adaptation of this … Read more

Tom Cruise’s training to be a pilot again in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

1650425927 Tom Cruises training to be a pilot again in Top

The protagonist of the franchise Mission Impossible He has us used to pushing his own physique to the limit, as long as he is himself in those impossible scenes in which any mistake could seriously injure the actor. Paramount Pictures is not dumb and that adrenaline addiction It comes in handy when it comes to … Read more

Geena Davis to star in mother-son legal drama for CBS Pilot

Incredible news for Geena Davis fans: the Oscar-winning actress is returning to television. According to Deadline, the actress is set to star in an upcoming CBS pilot as part of the main cast. The legal drama will see Davis as a mother who is forced to reconnect with her detective son after witnessing the dissolution … Read more

Mandy Moore pays tribute to her airline pilot father as he retires after 42 years: ‘I hope you are proud’

Mandy Moore pays tribute to her airline pilot father as

Mandy Moore pays homage to her father. The actress’ father recently turned 65, which means he has to retire from his job as a pilot for American Airlines, where he worked for more than four decades. To celebrate the milestone, Moore, 37, took to Instagram to share several photos, including a cute photo of her … Read more

Bogotá will pilot for the return to concerts, stadium and nightclubs

Bogota will pilot for the return to concerts stadium and

Through a message published on social networks this Sunday, the mayor of Bogotá announced that this week It will be possible to have the indicators to establish whether the city will begin pilot tests for the opening of the stadium, and the return to concerts and discos.(Claudia López calls to be vaccinated in the presence … Read more

The Thousand Faces of Bruce Dickinson: Iron Maiden singer, historian, fencer, pilot or brewmaster

1626632085 The Thousand Faces of Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden singer historian

A little more than two months ago, the names of the new members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were made public and among the lucky ones, the absence of the legendary heavy metal band was greatly surprised Iron Maiden. A decision that raised blisters among fans of the genre and colleagues to … Read more