All the Marvel movies and series that arrive in 2023: MCU release schedule at the start of Phase 5

1674163143 All the Marvel movies and series that arrive in 2023

The dominance of Hollywood by Marvel’s in recent years is indisputable. Nevertheless, phase 4 of his superhero universe did not generate as much enthusiasm as the previous three, so I’m sure the studio is looking forward to changing that with Phase 5. which starts in 2023 with the launch of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’. … Read more

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ is the perfect metaphor for phase 4 of the MCU: a funeral for the lost spark in Marvel after the cultural milestone of ‘Endgame’

1668613067 Black Panther Wakanda Forever is the perfect metaphor for phase

Despite some outpouring of criticism, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘ (2022) has arrived with the same hesitation with which it was announced when the death of Chadwick Boseman disrupted plans with the franchise after having created an icon for the African American community. A pity for many reasons that the feature film transmits in a resigned … Read more

Kevin Feige agrees that phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a disaster

Kevin Feige agrees that phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic

Kevin Feig revealed the plans of phase 5 and phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to everyone’s surprise during Comic-Con 2022. Rumors suggested that the participation of the executive president of the studio would be “anecdotal”, and that the big announcements would come later during D23 2022. Not only were the reports wrong, but … Read more

“Thunderbolts”: the movie of the Marvel villains will be the closure of Phase 5

Thunderbolts the movie of the Marvel villains will be the scaled

“Thunderbolts” logo Credit: Disney After years of rumours, Marvel confirmed to the Thunderboltsthe group of villains that would mark the end of Phase 5 of Marvel Studios and what will come after Captain America: New World Order. In that case, it would be the meeting of a new group of characters to close a Marvel … Read more

Marvel Studios Announcements – Phase Five, Phase Six, Born Again, Thunderbolts, Secret Wars and More – Danger Room

Marvel Studios Announcements Phase Five Phase Six Born Again

Kevin Feige’s company does not disappoint and has clarified what the future of Marvel Studios holds. Despite the fact that D23 will be held in September, and aces have been kept up their sleeves, Marvel Studios has given a powerful SDCC. There have been unexpected news and confirmations. But what seems like Kevin Feig has … Read more

This is the release date of ‘Fantastic Four’ and the Avengers films of Phase 6

This is the release date of Fantastic Four and the

In 2019 it was announced that the title of Fantastic Four would eventually be part of the MCU on the big screen. Without a doubt, it was one of the most anticipated news by fans, who hoped to join the franchise. This after the disappointment of two previous adaptations. As we remember (sadly), in 2005 … Read more

I am increasingly fed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to the disproportion between the overdose of hours of Phase 4 and its narrative development

I remember as if it were yesterday the day I went to see ‘The Avengers’ by Joss Whedon. The premiere was not only an incredible party that single-handedly exemplified the nature of cinema as a collective experience; also left the posse of being a turning point within an MCU that was taking its first steps … Read more

A Marvel Studios producer explains what the true plot of Phase 4 is

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

In 2019 with Avengers: EndgameMarvel Studios ended the third stage and the call Infinity Saga. Once the main stories concluded, the call began Phase 4. With some bumps in the road, including a pandemic, the new phase was able to unleash its full potential. Currently Phase 4 presented Thor: Love and Thunder for him cinema … Read more