A movie heartthrob?: Sofia Petro boasts the face of her boyfriend in networks

A movie heartthrob Sofia Petro boasts the face of her

Sofía Petro captured the attention of the media in Colombia for her great style, in addition to the clear fact of being one of the daughters of President Gustavo Petro. Since his victory at the polls, the cameras have followed the new presidential family in all its movements. The young woman is a political science … Read more

In the mind of an impostor: the disorder that women like Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, and now Sofia Petro have defeated

In the mind of an impostor the disorder that women

Nobody believed that Michelle Obama’s life was torture until at Christmas 2013 she shook the world with a confession: “I still suffer from impostor syndrome”, referring to that kind of demon that made him believe that his triumphs were a fraudsoon to be discovered in the immediate professional challenge that he undertook. Although many Colombians … Read more