Evan Peters starred in a surprising true crime before playing Jefrey Dhamer: you have a few days to watch a mix of heist and documentary films on HBO Max

Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story breaks more records on

The “too passionate about your own thing” genre has an interesting intersection with “things you shouldn’t do just because you’re too bored.” When a work exploits it well, it can create a truly fascinating experience to watchwithout the need for artificial morbidities like those that can fall, for example, the new true crime that is … Read more

Evan Peters, star of series based on Jeffrey Dahmer asks not to romanticize the character

‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ is based on true events. The premiere of ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ has made the killer Jeffrey Dahmer very popular. Evan Peters spoke out about the recent popularity of Jeffrey Dahmer. The series ‘Monster: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer’ has not been the only one inspired by a serial … Read more

Los secretos de Evan Peters: la insólita razón para ser actor, cómo se convirtió en el asesino serial Jeffrey Dahmer y el turbulento romance con Emma Roberts

Los secretos de Evan Peters la insolita razon para ser

Evan Peters es uno de los actores del momento por “Dahmer”, la exitosa miniserie de Netflix. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic) Evan Peters es el nuevo chico de moda en Hollywood. El estadounidense se ha metido a la crítica en el bolsillo gracias a su increíble papel de un asesino serial en “Dahmer. Monstruo: La historia … Read more

How was Jeffrey Dahmer, the ‘Milwaukee Butcher’ played by Evan Peters, captured on Netflix?

How was Jeffrey Dahmer the Milwaukee Butcher played by Evan

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is the series of the moment Netflix. Although the streaming platform has apparently made an effort to release it without prior notice or promotion (the ten episodes suddenly arrived on September 21, after announcing the release date five days before), this new collaboration with Ryan Murphy (American Horror … Read more

Netflix, Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters bring a miniseries about the brutal murderer Jeffrey Dahmer

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Every creator has his fetish performers. In the case of the prolific Ryan Murphyone of them is without a doubt Evan Petersas reflected in his successive collaborations in American Horror Story. They both meet in Monster. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story miniseries Netflix about the brutal serial killer American, production of which these days there is … Read more

Quién es Jon Peters, el productor de cine y peluquero de las estrellas que encarna Bradley Cooper en Licorice Pizza

1643746307 Quien es Jon Peters el productor de cine y peluquero

Con más de medio centenar de películas en su haber, el peluquero convertido en uno de los productores más exitosos de Hollywood es retratado casi con exactitud en la última película de Paul Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza. Jon Peters, interpretado con destreza por Bradley Cooper, es sin dudas un personaje “muy real” y, también, uno … Read more