The Lord of the Rings: Keanu Reeves absolutely wanted this role but Peter Jackson refused

The Lord of the Rings Keanu Reeves absolutely wanted this

The saga The Lord of the Rings, crowned with success and awards, has made countless people work, both in front and behind the camera. If many actors participated in the filming of the trilogy, perhaps even more are those who would have liked to be part of it… A true dream for Keanu Reeves When … Read more

Top 10 Genesis Songs: Featuring Both Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins

Top 10 Genesis Songs Featuring Both Peter Gabriel Phil.webp

We analyze the most representative songs of a formation that marked the history of rock. Genesis He is on the list of artists who sold the most records of all time, with between 100 and 150 million copies shipped. During her career she experienced different stages and incarnations. The first —considered classic by its fans—, … Read more

Peter Lanzani with Anya Taylor-Joy: the viral photo that surprised everyone on the networks

Peter Lanzani with Anya Taylor Joy the viral photo that surprised

The awards ceremony Golden Globe 2023which was held in Los Angeles (United States), dedicated to Argentina, 1985 as “Best Foreign Language Film”, last Tuesday night. A) Yes, the hall of the Beverly Hilton hotel was filled with hugs and shouts as a celebration, after the announcement of the award for the film starring Ricardo Darín … Read more

It is one of the best ‘monster movies’ in history: the “eighth wonder of the world” that inspired filmmakers like Peter Jackson arrives on Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the best monster movies in history

It can be thought that many films from the dawn of Hollywood cinema are something we have left behind and that the current public can no longer process in the same way. Big mistake, because we are really still digesting samples that directly exploit the cinema of that time. In some cases literally, with works … Read more

Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield explains why it was essential that he play Peter Parker one last time

Spider Man Andrew Garfield explains why it was essential that he

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland : they are three actors to have donned the costume of Spiderman over the past twenty years. Until then, only the second has not played in a trilogy, the franchise of which he was the headliner having stopped after only two parts. A brutal cut from the adventures of … Read more

‘The Lord of the Rings’: why Peter Jackson changed the ending of Tolkien’s novel for his famous movie trilogy

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

In adapting the fantasy work into three feature films, the New Zealand filmmaker had to make decisions, including ignoring Saruman’s return to devastate the Shire down the stretch. But he himself explained it on his day. Almost as beloved as the enormous literary work of which it is an adaptation, the trilogy The Lord of … Read more

What Happened Between Peter Parker And Mary Jane In The Spider-Man Movie That Was Canceled

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Marvel’s Spider-Man movies, starring Tom Holland, have come to endear themselves to audiences. However, many fans miss the version of Tobey Maguire and that could be seen in his appearance in “No Way Home”, where it was revealed that there is a part of his story that has not been told. Before Marvel regained the … Read more

Spider-Man: Marvel Finally Explains How Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Got His Powers

Spider Man Marvel Finally Explains How Tom Hollands Peter Parker Got

Last month, we revealed to you that following his arrival on netflixthe film by marvel studios Spider-Man: Far From Home had been a real hit on the streaming platform, rising to first place among the most popular films of the moment. And even more recently, fans were able to learn more about one of the … Read more

James Gunn and Peter Safran will be the heads of DC Studios, DC’s film, series and animation division

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

Warner Bros. Discovery has finally solved the mystery of who will head its new division focused on DC Comics adaptations. Although for months it was reported that the conglomerate headed by David Zaslav was looking for his own Kevin Feige, it will finally be two people who will lead the new entity known as DCStudios. … Read more

The reason why Christopher Lee was mad at Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings

The story of The Lord of the rings hit the big screen in the 2000s. The success of novels written by J. R. R. Tolkien managed to move to the film industry thanks to the creativity and talent of Peter Jacksonwho was placed in the director’s chair and managed to surprise countless spectators. Not only … Read more