Joan Manuel Serrat says goodbye to the stage: “I will do it in person, I did not like feeling fired by a plague”

Joan Manuel Serrat says goodbye to the stage I will

Serrat announces that he is retiring from the stage on a tour in 2022 Joan Manuel Serrat announced his retirement from the stage. He will do so with an extensive tour that will begin on April 27 at the Beacon Theater in New York and will end on December 23 at the Palau Sant Jordi … Read more

The North Korean regime sentenced to death a person who commercialized the series “The Squid Game” in the country

The North Korean regime sentenced to death a person who

A scene from “The Squid Game” Netflix – Europa Press The North Korean regime is determined to take tough measures against people who view or distribute the series of Netflix “The Squid Game”. The middle Radio Free Asia cited unidentified sources within the Asian country that assure that a man who smuggled and marketed the … Read more

The movie that will make you wonder if you’re with the right person is on Netflix; is the most viewed in Mexico | TRAILER

The movie that will make you wonder if youre with

In recent weeks, people often wonder more about new trends or topics of interest, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix. In this sense, people wonder what they can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of films of various themes and genres. … Read more

“You know who he is”, “Benito’s” father would identify the person responsible

You know who he is Benitos father would identify the

Octavio Ocaña, his father has identified the person responsible, they say | Reform Mystery solved! They assure that the father of Octavio Ocana, better known as “Benito Rivers“I would have found the person responsible for the son’s departure to the extent of not only knowing who he is, but also having a recording of the … Read more

Six centers to apply in person for the $ 1,000 monthly assistance offered by Los Angeles

Los Angeles California. – El r Register for the millionaire draw program Big: Leap of the city of The Angels starts this friday. Those interested in receiving $ 1,000 monthly for one year must apply through internet or walk-ins at one of the community centers corresponding to them according to their address. How do I … Read more

“The Beehives”, the Netflix movie where Feyyaz Duman from “Woman” is practically another person

1634800893 The Beehives the Netflix movie where Feyyaz Duman from Woman

The Turkish soap opera “Mujer” has allowed us to meet talented actors who were part of this story. One of them is Feyyaz Smoke, who plays the role of Arif, the eternal lover of Bahar (Özge Özpirinçci). Thanks to the international success of “Kadın”, the Kurdish actor today enjoys a lot of recognition and is … Read more

From billionaire Elon Musk to Melanie Griffith: these are some of the couples who married the same person twice

They fell in love, fell out of love and fell in love again, although a divorce generally means the end of a relationship, in the case of these celebrities their separations were more like a time of reflection. Making the phrase “where there was fire, ashes remain”, this list of couples that we present below … Read more

Three great sad movies on Netflix that will make even the coldest person cry according to IMDb

Three great sad movies on Netflix that will make even

According to a study by the Oxford University, watching sad movies is good for your health, because according to science this action will help you produce more endorphins, which make sure that we are happy. Also secondarily this will make us feel more connected to others and provide us with a way to increase our … Read more

Reality or video game? With this video of RIDE 4 running on PS5 you will think it is a first person television race

I recognize that there are sagas to which I have not paid all the attention in the world, such as RIDE. That he is not a fan of motorcycles is partly to blame, despite having seen the odd competition on TV. Although in relation to the two wheels I have always felt much more attracted … Read more