Laura Bozzo, a person with human misery, affirms Ivonne Montero

Laura Bozzo, a person with human misery, affirms Ivonne Montero | Instagram The big winner of The House of the Famous 2, Yvonne Monterocontinues to enjoy his triumph with which he took 200 thousand dollars to his house and that now counts, it was one more challenge when he lived with a person who is … Read more

Christian Nodal: the millionaire scam suffered by the Mexican singer (and what other celebrities were deceived by the same person)

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

During the past weekend, the news broke that the businessman Luis Oswaldo Espinoza would have defrauded more than 130 people, fraud that allegedly affected several Mexican celebrities. Through a video, Espinoza, who owned one of the most recognized real estate agencies in Mexico, Professional Legal Advisorsconfessed to having deceived his investors for months. Also, the … Read more

“Improve language skills”: the benefits of educating a child or young person musically

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

read transcript Contacts should be limited tohospitals and places wherehigh-risk groups livesuch as nursing homes.let me ask him, or it’s your turnany musical instrument?would like to give him thatopportunity to their childrenwe want to talk about theimportance of impactpositive of an educationmusical . let’s give thewelcome to joe warrior,mariachi player I avoid it infestivals in … Read more

“I am a very sexual person and I love sex with men”: This is what Ángelo García looks like after his transformation and more than 30 years of being a former Menudo | People | Entertainment

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

the youth gang Slight It was all the rage among millions of teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s.. But, after leaving the stage, a dark world hid the fame and the show directed by the Puerto Rican Edgardo Díaz and other collaborators. In those rows, the voice of Ángelo García revealed the sexual abuse he … Read more

Harry Styles for his concert to find a very special person in the audience

attend a concert Harry Styles It is a unique experience. The British has made sure that his shows are memorable and that they are loaded with all those songs that have become the soundtrack for all his fans. What he did not know is that not only his audience can take any surprises at his … Read more

Who is the person with the most Oscar nominations in history?

When we talk about the Oscar awards, it is impossible not to think of all the films, directors, performers and other people who are part of the cinema. This is because this event is responsible for rewarding the great references of each year. Undoubtedly, this is quite a complicated task because there are many productions … Read more

Shakira manages to meet her favorite rock band in person: The Cure

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocker, popper or metalhead, we can agree on one thing: we would all like to be able to meet TheCure. That is no less true for Colombian superstar Shakira, who recently managed to meet robert smith and company. One of his favorite rock bands. On May 19, the 2022 … Read more

Colin Firth on his role in “The Staircase”: “I felt like I was playing more than one person”

Colin Firth on his role in The Staircase I felt

Colin Firth played Michael Peterson, a failed North Carolina writer and politician convicted and later released for the murder of his wife, Kathleen. (HBOMax) Colin Firth is a British actor with a lavish career, including an Oscar for The king’s speech. She played memorable characters, deep dramas, and romantic comedies that are not lacking in … Read more

Frida Sofía breaks the silence: “The person I needed the most taught me that I don’t need anyone”

Audios with the voice of Alejandra Guzman have been filtered. There he is heard assuring that frida sofia It’s out of his will. The young singer and businesswoman has been disinherited. In relation to her daughter, La Guzmán can be heard saying: “Let her take charge of her life.” In the full audio you can … Read more

One more: Ezra Miller is arrested again for assaulting a person

1650430014 One more Ezra Miller is arrested again for assaulting a

Not even a month has passed since his last detention and Ezra Miller should have been arrested by the authorities one more time. This Tuesday, April 19, it was announced that the Hawaii Police Department arrested the actor whom we recently saw in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. The events occurred this morning after a private … Read more