Cinépolis collectibles for the revival of ‘Twilight’ with Robert Pattinson

Cinepolis collectibles for the revival of Twilight with Robert Pattinson

The story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen will return to the big screen and Cinépolis has prepared a special gift to celebrate the return of ‘Twilight’ A few days have passed since Cinépolis announced that all the films in the Twilight saga, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, would return to their theaters as … Read more

The awkward moment that Robert Pattinson lived during a romantic scene with Julianne Moore

Currently, Robert Pattinson He is one of the actors of the moment. After becoming the protagonist of batman, the actor finished consecrating himself and showing the public that he has a lot of talent to offer. And although everyone had him typecast in his role as Edward in Twilightthe truth is that the actor has … Read more

Cinépolis will re-release the entire ‘Twilight’ saga with Robert Pattinson in November

Cinepolis will re release the entire Twilight saga with Robert Pattinson

No, I’m not kidding, the Cullens are back! Cinépolis has decided to pamper fans of the saga with the re-release of all the films in its theaters. So take note that here we tell you everything you need to know. The Halloween season is almost over, however it is always a good time to do … Read more

Robert Pattinson officially arrived at the MCU thanks to She-Hulk

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

She-Hulk made the first mention of Robert Pattinson in the UCM… Will the actor arrive to play a role? she hulk, the new Disney + and Marvel Studios series, has shown that it is one of the UCM projects with the most references to pop culture. It even has a large number of nods to … Read more

Robert Pattinson, art curator of an auction?

Robert Pattinson art curator of an auction.webp

Robert Pattinson, seen this year in the skin of the Dark Knight in The Batman by Matt Reeves, apparently has more than one string to his bow: the 36-year-old British actor, currently busy with Bong Joon-ho’s next film, has taken on the task of selecting six works as part of a sale auction organized at … Read more

The Batman 2: All about the sequel to the film with Robert Pattinson

The Batman 2 All about the sequel to the film

Considered one of the best film adaptations of the DC Comics hero, “The Batman” will soon return to the big screen for a second installment, as indicated by director Matt Reeves last April. Here’s everything we know about it. The countdown has already started. Released in France on June 7, “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson … Read more

“It has always been my dream”. Keanu Reeves is running as the new Batman when Robert Pattinson leaves the role

Keanu Reeves It is objectively one of the most beloved actors in the world. At 58 years old, and after a career in which he has been alternating Hollywood successes with more independent films, he now provides the voice of Batman in ‘DC League of Super Pets’a role that stars like Will Arnett either james … Read more

How old was Robert Pattinson when he filmed Twilight?

In 2022, Robert Pattinson had the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of one of the most iconic heroes of DC Comics. We are talking about Bruce Wayne, who returned to the cinema with the film batman of Matt Reeves. With his magnificent performance, the actor managed to show that his talent has grown … Read more

The Batman: Christian Bale explains why he has not seen the film with Robert Pattinson

The Batman Christian Bale explains why he has not seen

In promotion of Thor 4Christian Bale gave the reason due to which he has not yet discovered the The Batman with Robert Pattinson. Before going to play the overpowered villains with his role as Gorr in Thor 4actor Christian Bale has already made a foray into the world of superheroes with his Batman in the … Read more

David Cronenberg wants to reunite Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for a possible future project

David Cronenbergthe acclaimed film director renowned for such controversial and terrifying works as The Fly, Videodrome Y Crashrevealed in a recent interview with critic Jordan Ruimy, editor of World of Reelwhich intends to prepare an ambitious project hand in hand with one of the Hollywood’s great ex-couples. The filmmaker, who has just premiered his new … Read more