The Pastoral duo: how to be dark before the English bands and the fatal accident that cut short their career

The Pastoral duo how to be dark before the English

Miguel Angel Eurasquin and Alejandro DeMichele formed Pastoral, a duo that was cut short by the fatal accident of the second of them The duo is difficult. There aren’t many musical duos in this crazy corner of the planet. It is seen that the coexistence of two is complicated. Psychological metaphysical topic that we will … Read more

They invite the workshop “The role of the pastoral musician in the liturgy”

They invite the workshop The role of the pastoral musician

The second session of the OCP Institute’s virtual formation and training cycle for Hispanic pastoral musicians will begin on November 20 from 9:00 to 12:00, informed Rodolfo López, Hispanic events specialist for Oregon Catholic Press and director of the institute. The session entitled “Cantemos al Señor” directed by Jaime Cortés, will address aspects related to … Read more