Diego Bertie: the artist who started as a musician, became an actor and was close to resuming his first passion

Diego Bertie the artist who started as a musician became

the peruvian actor Diego Bertie He died this Friday, August 5 at the age of 54, after falling from the 14th floor of a building in the Miraflores district. Quickly, colleagues from the national and international entertainment industry shared messages mourning his loss. The also singer gave life to different characters throughout his career, for … Read more

What to see on HBO Max: passion in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century with Daniel Day-Lewis in a great romance from one of the masters of the genre

It is common for passionate stories, especially when they are located in times of certain reprimand for moral reasons, to be approached as a division or conflict between the rational and the passionate. Less often, in these same contexts, the passionate response is also the most sensible, perhaps because it removes a sense of conflict. … Read more

Desire, loneliness, passion and self-improvement in this gem available on Netflix

“Gloria, you are always in a hurry, running after someone and you have to get it somehow” Laura Branigan sang in 1982. And Glorythe movie of Sebastian Lelio available in Netflix could start like this. The Chilean cinema of the 21st century has demonstrated a very high level, with productions that not only have great … Read more

From a passion to a business: how are the super motorcycles that Keanu Reeves manufactures

From a passion to a business how are the super

Thomas Anderson or Neo. The programmer or the chosen one. The red pill or the blue pill. To believe or not to believe… In the film that crowned him a Hollywood superstar, Keanu Reeves was associated with many dilemmas, a constant duality of the Matrix that in real life does not arise when choosing a … Read more

Legends of a passion: the melodrama of the 90s starring Brad Pitt that you can not miss

The extensive and famous career he has built is undeniable Brad Pitt in his 58 years of life. He has always managed to stay on everyone’s lips, both for his professional achievements and for media events. His films date back to 1987 and his filmography has titles for all tastes, including Thelma and Louise, 12 … Read more

“Hollywood Vampires”, the rock band where Johnny Depp follows his true passion: Music

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor always dreamed of being a great guitarist and singer, but although his fame grew in movies, he never gave up his passion for music. the fame of Johnny Depp grew in recent months after starring in the defamation trial more media than Hollywood against his ex-wife Amber Heardwhich in … Read more

Passion for motorcycles, cumbia 420 and the origin of his nickname: who is “El Noba”, the singer who is fighting for his life today

Passion for motorcycles cumbia 420 and the origin of his

“El Noba”, a benchmark of Cumbia 420 Tuesday afternoon, Lautaro Colonelbetter known as “The Noba”suffered a violent traffic accident in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela, which is why he had to be transferred to a hospital. “His condition is desperate”they explained to Infobae just hours after the unfortunate episode. The sinister road that … Read more

Oscar Isaac Shares When His Passion For Acting Started: ‘I Played The Devil And Girls Started Getting Interested’ – Home

Oscar Isaac showed a natural love of acting early in life, but an offbeat role at a strict private school made him commit to the stage. When he tapped into the dark side of acting for the first time, a young Isaac was almost astounded by some of the secondary perks that came with the … Read more

The unleashed passion of Juan David and Muriel, Passion of Gavilanes New Season

The unleashed passion of Juan David and Muriel Passion of

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Surprise for lovers of Turkish series on Telemundo 00:54 Miguel Ángel Espinosa wins a car in Exatlón USA and his family celebrates it big 00:55 The protagonists of Hasta que la Plata nos Separe explain their complicated relationship … Read more