Parody of ‘Monotony’ is viral on networks: ‘Yes, it was your fault, your crap’

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something to talk about for all the supposed implicit messages it has in reference to the artist’s former marriage to the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. ‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something … Read more

‘The People’s Joker’: this is the “illegal and queer” parody of the DC character that Warner does not want you to see

1655010171 If this thing is a hit you can do four

The Toronto Film Festival has just given us a big surprise with ‘The People’s Joker’because it has decided to remove this parody of the character from DC after a legal claim by Warner. Obviously, this controversial decision has not gone unnoticed and now there is a question of to what extent it can lead to … Read more

George Lucas helped create ‘The crazy history of the galaxies’, but the parody of ‘Star Wars’ had to meet an unappealable requirement

George Lucas helped create The crazy history of the

Nobody is bitter about a good spoof movies. These parodies, if well treated, they rarely fail to deliver a healthy dose of laughter at the expense of referents that deconstruct and squeeze every last drop in order to generate comedy; and as it shows there are jewels like ‘Land as you can’the saga ‘Grab it … Read more

‘My baby fiu fiu’, a viral without limits: parody reached adult cinema in Peru

1659242021 My baby fiu fiu a viral without limits parody reached

‘My little baby fiu fiu’ came to the cinema for adults There is no character in Latin America who has not sung ‘My baby fiu fiu’ from the reggeatonero Bad Bunny, the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and the tiktoker Kunno approached this fever of the remix he made Tito Silva Music with the voice of … Read more

What to see on Amazon Prime Video: the return of one of the best horror sagas in history is, at the same time, a tribute to the original film and a parody of the reboots

In 1996, the classic slasher horror sagas had reached a dead end. ‘Friday the 13th’ literally made Jason explode at the end of his ninth part, Wes Craven put an end to ‘Nightmare in Elm street’ with the wonderful ‘The New Nightmare’ Y ‘Halloween’ he was limping after a sixth part that only gained interest … Read more

“Saturday Night Live” parody case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

“Saturday night Live“(SNL)one of the longest-running and most influential programs on American television, made fun of the case they face Johnny Depp Y Amber Heardspecifically the version of the feces on Depp’s bed, which were allegedly deposited on the actor’s bed as revenge by Heard’s friends. The comedy show SNL recreated the alleged scene of … Read more

“I want to clarify that David (Reinoso) and I are not enemies”: Rashid Tanús tells the truth about Rachito’s parody | People | Entertainment

Some 20 years ago a charismatic and fun Rashid Tanus knocked on the door of Ecuadorian homes to give happiness in each of his surprise visits, as part of the contest program Sparks. Over time, the comedian David Reyes decided to make a parody through the character Rachito, being Tanus the one who ended up … Read more

The Batman: Nicolas Cage pays the Dark Knight in a parody trailer

The Batman Nicolas Cage pays the Dark Knight in a

news culture The Batman: Nicolas Cage pays the Dark Knight in a parody trailer Published on 05/03/2022 at 10:00 The promotional campaign for Matt Reeves’ film has reached a turning point now that the film is finally available in theaters. From now on, the brand new adaptation of the vigilante of Gotham is talked about … Read more

Cat replaces Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’ parody video

Cat replaces Kate Winslet in Titanic parody video

The movie titanica James Cameron’s 1997 film is one of the most iconic films of the last three decades and helped launch the careers of two of Hollywood’s most talented actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. In addition to all the critical acclaim, Oscar nominations, and 20th anniversary re-releases, a titanica He always needed something: … Read more

Review: ‘The Woman Across The House From The Girl In The Window’ Parody Rear Window Thrillers

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Related news In 2021, Netflix premiered The woman at the window, a prestigious psychological thriller with Oscar nominees in front of and behind the scenes, which turned out to be a luxurious tabletop mystery. A few months later it arrives in his catalog The woman of the house in front of the girl in the … Read more