My stepfather, my parents and me: how did Ben Stiller convince Barbra Streisand to come out of retirement?

My stepfather my parents and me how did Ben Stiller

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film My stepfather my parents and me Sunday November 13, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. on 6ter, Télé Star reveals to you how Barbra Streisand came out of retirement thanks to Ben Stiller. Released in cinemas in 2004, the film entitled My stepfather my parents and me, worn … Read more

Shakira sneaks into a Halloween party and angers parents and children waiting in line

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Shakira does not leave behind a controversy that another one is coming on her. The artist has starred in a most controversial episode in a tunnel of terror in Barcelona. The interpreter of Congratulations Y Luck He would have sneaked in order not to wait in line at the venue last Friday, unleashing the outrage … Read more

Woman asks parents to ban their children from watching ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ because it could “cast a spell” on them

Woman asks parents to ban their children from watching Hocus

The sequel Hocus Pocus It has come to make all the generations that grew up happy watching it uninterruptedly every October 31. In addition, to tell the truth, it has managed to meet the expectations that all fans we had. However, there are those who not only disagree with the second installment of the movie, … Read more

He spends 6,700 euros organizing a music festival for 200 people in his parents’ garden

He spends 6700 euros organizing a music festival for 200

A British youtuber spent 6,000 pounds (approximately 6,700 euros) to create a festival for 200 people in the back garden of his parents’ house, with a party bus and a chocolate waterfall among other things. in 2021 Jack Hodgson, 23 years olddecided to launch “the mother of all festivals” to celebrate the end of the … Read more

They apologize to the parents of girls and boys who saw Frozen for this particular reason

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

In 2013 Disney presented one of his most important animated films of recent times, Frozen. The story was a complete success and ensured continuity with one more sequel, which, although it had the same impact as the first, achieved significant success. Frozen tells us the story of Annaa brave young woman who sets out with … Read more

Who are the parents of actress Millie Bobby Brown from “Stranger Things”

Who are the parents of actress Millie Bobby Brown from

Millie Bobby Brown is a prominent Hollywood actress whose participation in the series “Stranger Things” It has made her a celebrity, to the point of gaining millions of fans around the world. the british star Born in Spain, she owes a lot to her parents, who supported her at all times. She knows who the … Read more

Macaulay Culkin turns 42: millionaire at 10, the fight with his parents for his fortune and his new happy life

Macaulay Culkin turns 42 millionaire at 10 the fight with

Macaulay can say today that he feels happy Photo: File Two years ago Macaulay Culkin celebrated his birthday with a tweet for his generation: “Hey guys, do you want to feel old? I’m 40. You’re welcome” And he continued: it is my gift to the world: to make people feel old. The tweet became at … Read more

A program helps parents detect if their children are victims of bullying through music

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

read transcript their children. health expertsmental have created a campaignto help parents andyoung.reporter: to talk about thechallenges generated by the returnto class, especiallyteenagers, a group ofpsychologists have created acampaign called “listening to feelings.have words to expresswhat they are feeling, but tosometimes the lyrics of a songcan help them, and open up withtheir parents and caregiverswhat … Read more