‘Paper Girls’: Amazon Prime Video’s attractive sci-fi series is a family alternative to ‘Stranger Things’ that is having a hard time taking off

1659193973 Paper Girls Amazon Prime Videos attractive sci fi series is a

In Amazon Prime Video they’ve been trying to find for a while his new great science fiction series after completion of ‘The Expanse’. Good proof of this is that only in the last few months has it released titles like ‘outer range’, ‘Night Sky’ either ‘Paper Girls’which opens on the platform this Friday, July 29. … Read more

“Paper Girls”, the most anticipated series on Prime Video, presented its official trailer

Paper Girls the most anticipated series on Prime Video presented

Based on the original comic, Paper Girls is a series about time travel that has four protagonist friends. Four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls get involved in a time travel battle that will take them to the future and try to escape from their adult selves. That is the premise of the new fiction of Prime … Read more

How to see “The paper house: Korea”: ​​chapters, date and time of release

How to see The paper house Korea ​​chapters date and

The worldwide phenomenon caused by “The Money Heist” was so big that it reached millions of fans in every part of the globe, who were left wanting more about this series that, without a doubt, marked a before and after for Spanish productions on the streaming platform. Netflix. Although the original version of this plot … Read more

Official trailer for “The paper house: Korea”: presentation of the story days after its premiere

Official trailer for The paper house Korea presentation of the

New preview of “The paper house: Korea”. (Netflix) The first official trailer for The paper house: Korea it emphasizes an economically reunified Korea that seems to have further marked the differences between rich and poor. Propitious ground for The Professor, played by Yoo Ji-tae (Old Boy), do your thing. Together with a huge group of … Read more

Netflix premieres in June 2022: 66 series, movies and documentaries such as ‘The paper house: Korea’, the end of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and more

Netflix premieres in June 2022 66 series movies and documentaries

There is very little left to leave May behind and welcome June, which means many new features for the different streaming platforms. Today it’s time to make a stop in the case of Netflix and the 66 series, films and documentaries that will arrive over the next month. Before getting into the matter, I remind … Read more

The intense trailer for ‘The paper house: Korea’ takes Netflix’s Spanish success to a fascinating historical ucronía terrain

The intense trailer for The paper house Korea takes

The paper house: Korea‘ is a new version of the Spanish series that swept Netflix last year. The success of the series attracted the attention of the South Korean filmmaker, Kim Hong-sun, to work on the remake and the new official trailer shows the big change in the premise of the series, which will show the Korean peninsula (South and North) opening its borders and using the same currency.

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The paper house: Korea presented its first trailer and reveal its release date

The Money Heist It became a worldwide phenomenon. The Spanish series was one of the biggest successes of Netflix, and his fame did nothing but grow throughout its five parts. And when there were only a few episodes left before this epic reached its conclusion, Netflix announced that they were going to make a remake … Read more

Salma Hayek: the sex scene that took her eight hours, a paper owl and a very sweet first kiss

Salma Hayek the sex scene that took her eight hours

She fought against Hollywood prejudice for being Latina and sexy, but Salma Hayek never gave up. At 55 years old, she enjoys the profession and the family she formed with the French tycoon François-Henri Pinault (Photos: Gettyimages) After a stressful day at work, sometimes you need a while to “think about nothing” and for that, … Read more

‘The paper house’: everything we know about the Korean remake of the Netflix series

1643013632 The paper house everything we know about the Korean remake

The huge success of ‘The Money Heist’ brought to Netflix to launch a korean remake. Announced June 2020, the project has been advancing steadily since then and there is not much left for us to see ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’. Next we will review all you know so far of the series … Read more

Netflix premieres in December 2021: 60 series, films and documentaries such as ‘Don’t look up’, the return of ‘Cobra Kai’ and the end of ‘The paper house’

1637872971 Netflix premieres in December 2021 60 series films and documentaries

November enters its final stretch and, as always, it is time to find out the main streaming news. So let’s start with the 60 series, films and documentaries to come a Netflix this coming december. A month that,even if it seems a priori less prolific than others, we have several essential titles such as the … Read more