Violeta Isfel suffers a painful accident because of a famous comedian

The actress documented the painful incident in a video that she later shared on her YouTube channel. Isfel Violet ended up bloodied after suffering a painful accident in full presentation of the play ‘Lagunilla, mi barrio’ and all because of Ariel Miramontes alias “El Albertano”who was very affected by what had happened with his partner. … Read more

How was the painful death of Pepito Romay, the child actor prodigy of the Golden Cinema era

The golden movie era Mexican gave us films that will be remembered forever, but this time also gave us performances and actors that marked a before and after in the history of cinematography in our country. Between 1936 and 1956, Mexico was the cradle of Latin American cinema, since at that time the world was … Read more

“They made me feel like I was nothing, and I accepted it”: Britney Spears’s painful statements about her family

They made me feel like I was nothing and I

“They put me in a state of mind to make me feel like I needed them,” Britney Spears said. american singer Britney Spearswho last November won the legal battle that ended 13 years of guardianship over her person and her assets, has been honest about that stage, admitting that she was scared and that she … Read more

“He raped me, caressed me, put me on all fours and abused me”: The painful and bitter story of Anne Heche with a rapist father, an accomplice mother and three deceased brothers | People | Entertainment

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

After being involved in a serious car accident, Anne Heche She died this Friday, at the age of 53, after being disconnected from the artificial respirator that kept her alive at the West Hills hospital, north of The Angels. to the famous actress Already he had been declared brain dead yesterday and his agony only … Read more

Alicia Vikander went through a painful moment before having her first child with Michael Fassbender

Alicia Vikander went through a painful moment before having her

Alicia Vikander and the difficult moment she experienced when she succeeded in Hollywood – Credits: @carole bethuel Achieving long-awaited fame is not always a good thing for artists. The pressure of the public eye, the persecution of photographers, everyone’s expectations and what it takes to reach a place of privilege can be a double-edged sword. … Read more

CNCO Surprises Fans With Painful News, But Announces Concert Tour

CNCO Surprises Fans With Painful News But Announces Concert Tour

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Romeo Santos will give a free concert at Rockefeller Center in New York 00:45 Lenny Tavárez sings the hit song ‘Medallo’ at the Summer Concerts 01:24 Lenny Tavárez performs the song ‘Felicidades’ at Telemundo’s Summer Concerts 02:41 Lenny … Read more

Luis Miguel and the most painful song of his career

The love songs of Luis Miguel they seem to have no comparison with those of any other artist in Latin America and even in the Spanish-speaking world. His works transcend borders –spatial and temporal- and remain engraved in the memories and hearts of those who listen to them. However, one of these songs has a … Read more

Andrea Rincón revealed the most painful experience she had to live

Present in “PH: We Can Talk”, the program headed by Andy Kusnetzoff, Andrea Rincon recounted one of the most difficult experiences he had to go through before achieving fame. In this context, Andy Kusnetzoff asked those participants who spent a night in a strange and Andrea Rincon I don’t hesitate to move on. “It was … Read more

“It was the most painful thing in my life.” Robert Eggers Clarifies That ‘The Man From The North’ Doesn’t Have A Director’s Cut And Why He Couldn’t Make A Movie For Marvel

It was the most painful thing in my life Robert

north man‘ is the new movie Robert Eggers based on the Norse legend that inspired Hamlet. The Viking epic is the director’s biggest project yet, although he has also confessed that he did not have the last word when it came to editing the film.

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