YouTube Music removes a feature that only paid users can enjoy, which one?

1634838635 YouTube Music removes a feature that only paid users can

We are about to complete the first year of existence of YouTube Music (although it was released in 2015) as the only official Google platform to listen to music, after the gradual closure of Play Music, and the truth is that the application is still searching for your site in the world, putting and removing … Read more

“They must return what they paid”: canceled concerts led to 740 claims, Punto Ticket leads | bbcl_investiga

They must return what they paid canceled concerts led to

So far in 2021, Sernac has received 740 complaints related to concerts, most of which are claims related to the tickets for this type of event. Inside the list, Punto Ticket is the ticketera that concentrates the most cases, with 403, followed by Ticketek with 103. It is a phenomenon that is obviously linked to … Read more

It’s not Cillian Murphy: who is the highest paid Peaky Blinders actor

Its not Cillian Murphy who is the highest paid Peaky

BBC Peaky Blinders It is one of the most important period series of recent times and Cillian Murphy is its great star. However, it is not the best payment in the series: know who gets the job and why. By Noelia Rios 28-09-2021 – 20:40hs UTC Series© IMDBCillian Murphy como Tommy Shelby By far Peaky … Read more

The Batman: Robert Pattinson is Hollywood’s worst paid superhero

1632421210 The Batman Robert Pattinson is Hollywoods worst paid superhero

DC Comics Robert Pattinson is chosen by director Matt Reeves to play the bat in The Batman. How much did the actor charge for that role? By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 23-09-2021 – 17:39hs UTC Who© IMDbRobert Pattinson como The Batman. The amount he collected Robert pattinson for starring The Batman, the dark film that explores … Read more

Sofía Vergara, the highest paid actress in Hollywood: what is her millionaire salary

1631582876 Sofia Vergara the highest paid actress in Hollywood what is

Sofia Vergara She is one of the best-positioned Latina actresses in Hollywood in recent decades, something that was demonstrated in the latest Forbes female ranking of the highest-paid performers of the past year. Review here why the SAG Award winner and Emmy and Golden Globe nominee won the highest salary among women. One piece of … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt: two of the highest paid actors on tv

Robert Downey Jr and Chris Pratt two of the highest

5 Sep 2021 – 4:29 p.m. m. These two acting stars top the list of the highest paid figures in television series. His pay per chapter is staggering. After making public the salaries of Hollywood stars for their participation in films made in the last year, Variety has now published how much the main television … Read more

Henry Cavill, Bryan Cranston, Chris Pratt: Hollywood’s Top Paid TV Star List

Henry Cavill Bryan Cranston Chris Pratt Hollywoods Top Paid TV

Each year, during the summer, Forbes unveils the ranking of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and more generally, in the industry. But while the 2021 edition is still desired, Variety decides to thumb its nose at its sidekick by building the list of the best paid actors. After the big screen earlier in the … Read more

Andrés García asks the Treasury to audit ANDI; assures that they have not paid him: VIDEO

Andres Garcia asks the Treasury to audit ANDI assures that

Andres Garcia He is one of the most sought-after gallants in the history of Mexican cinema and throughout his career he participated in more than a hundred productions so, in theory, he should be enjoying the economic fruits of his career, however, this not so recently, the 80-year-old actor denounced that the National Association of … Read more

The highest paid actors of 2021: from Chris Pratt to the stars of ‘Sex and the City’ – Out of Series

Series like ‘Terminal List’, ‘The Old Man’ or ‘The Fist Lady’ have large budgets for their interpreters Chris Pratt en ‘Jurassic World’. (Fuente: Universal Pictures) Beyond the pure gossip to know who charges how much, when rankings of the best paid in Hollywood emerge, it helps us to know who are considered the biggest claims, … Read more