‘Rainbow’: trailer, synopsis and cast of Paco León’s premiere on Netflix

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The updated versions of other movies are almost a genre unto themselves. In English they even have their own name, the reboot, which unlike the remake, tends to modify the original story more substantially. In this regard, there are several titles of movies and series that use this premise to give a new twist to … Read more

‘The Gypsy Bride’: a sordid television thriller that captivates thanks to the solid direction of Paco Cabezas and a great cast

1654375100 The Blacklist everything we know about season 10 of the

Good week for lovers of criminal thrillers. If on Wednesday we saw the version of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Ryan Murphy for Netflix, today Atresplayer Premium premieres an intense suspense drama: ‘the gypsy bride‘, television adaptation of the novel of the same name by Carmen Mola and which is already renewed for a season 2. With Antonio … Read more

Paco León gets lost on the yellow brick road in his Iberian and ‘queer’ Wizard of Oz

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One of the most powerful ideas of RainbowPaco León’s film inspired by The Wizard of Oz, It is that of Dora, its protagonist, crossing a yellow field from La Mancha, so similar in its 360 degrees of horizon to that of the American Midwest, defying its generational loneliness like a multicolored Quixote. It is that … Read more

Lolita Cortés breaks the silence about the controversy with Paco de Miguel at La Academia: what a shame

Paco de Miguel and Lolita Cortés starred in a tense moment in the first part of the grand finale of ‘La Academia 20 años’. After the controversy, Paco de Miguel decided to make his Twitter account private, but days later he sent a message about it and returned to his social networks. It is the … Read more

Paco de Miguel dressed up as Lolita Cortés and parodied the moment she ignored him during “La Academia”

Paco de Miguel dressed up as Lolita Cortes and parodied

Paco de Miguel imitated Lola Cortés (Photos: Screenshots TV Azteca/IG pacodemiguel) Though The Academy: 20 years came to an end last Saturday, the controversy around the show has not stopped, as some of the guests and judges continue to have some clashes. Such is the case of Paco de Miguel, who after being ignored during … Read more

Adela Micha defended Paco de Miguel after ‘faces’ by Lolita Cortés: “I don’t like her for being a despot”

Adela Micha defended Paco de Miguel after faces by Lolita

(Photo: Cuartoscuro / YouTube Photo: La Academia / Instagram Photo: @laacademiatv) After the controversy that broke out on social networks Lolita Cortés’ reactions to jokes and sarcastic comments that Paco de Miguel launched as Miss Letty during the delivery of TikTok OMG Awards which took place during the first installment of the grand finale of … Read more

Paco León convierte ‘El mago de Oz’ en un delirio moderno y emancipador

Paco Leon convierte ‘El mago de Oz en un delirio

Las expectativas fueron desmoronándose de una en una. Era uno de los proyectos más ambiciosos de los estudios Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer para el final de los años treinta, pero El mago de Oz (1939) no consiguió ni de lejos la taquilla esperada. Lo tenía todo: un reparto de lujo encabezado por Judy Garland, una inversión ambiciosa —la … Read more

Paco León, the new Hollywood villain in his latest work with Nicolas Cage

Paco Leon premieres next Friday June 17 the film The unbearable weight of a huge talentwhich is his first foray as a Hollywood villain and where he coincides with stars of the stature of Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal. A film directed by Tom Gormican, which has been a real joy in the filmography of … Read more

Saturday Night In San Francisco: Sequel to the concert by Al Di Meola, J. McLaughlin and Paco De Lucía

Saturday Night In San Francisco Sequel to the concert by

The album “Friday Night in San Francisco” (1981), collected the concert performed on Friday, December 5, 1980 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco by 3 guitar virtuosos: Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and our dear Paco de Lucia, who we lost too soon at age 66 in 2014. That live work became one of … Read more

Paco León arrives in Hollywood, but not to stay: “It was never my goal”

Paco Leon arrives in Hollywood but not to stay It

The dream of all actors, to succeed in Hollywood, never caught the attention of Paco León. And even so, the Spaniard has ended up sharing the screen with the iconic Nicolas Cage in an American production that opens this week, an experience that he has described as “interesting”, but that has not completely seduced him. … Read more